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How remote admin teams can power up your enterprise

Remote admin team working with an enterprise organization and a virtual assistant with Virtual Gurus.

VG Staff

July 25, 2022

For most businesses, the pandemic has changed everything, from the move to remote working to a partial return to work, and sometimes flip-flopping between these states. The new model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for individuals and teams, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences.

But one of the challenges associated with running a large business, regardless of location model, is capacity challenges. Often, day to day admin tasks keep your best team members from focusing on key projects or taking on greater leadership roles. When teams are provided with the right level of administrative support, it can be a game changer.

Prior to the pandemic, remote team solutions like virtual assistants were in the early stages of adoption. However, several trends have caused organizations to reconsider the benefits of remote assistants, including:

  • Rapid economic changes leading to fluctuating revenues and cost increases for both wages and physical workspaces
  • A need to access the best talent in the face of increased competitiveness
  • Desire to keep teams motivated through fully leveraging their skills and offering flexible working arrangements

It has become increasingly necessary for large organizations to adopt at least some form of remote work in order to be competitive. It has also become crucial to consider fractional roles and other flexible talent solutions.

Empowering inhouse employees 

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to bring together team members from different locations. But optimizing productivity and generating growth without a strong support plan can be a long shot.

Working with a remote admin team is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to provide administration support to physically dispersed  teams. This frees them up from admin tasks so they can focus on their core areas of expertise. With day to day tasks under control (thanks to your assistants), you can help team members focus on your company’s goals, and take on more strategic roles and responsibilities.

“Having Virtual Gurus on board has been beneficial for both the internal team and leadership guidance. The internal team appreciates the extra help managing calendars, scheduling and cleaning inboxes.  And since then, the team has been able to take on more productive leadership roles, which has helped streamline operations in a huge way.” – Margo Canada, Studio Coordinator, IDEO

Cost effective and sustainable 

With an increased focus on keeping operating costs contained, working with fractional virtual assistants is a brilliant way to achieve that. You can get the best talent for your needs, with less cost and hassle than finding a permanent employee. You can also get a virtual assistant subscription only for the hours you need, without paying any additional admin fees, taxes or benefits. And if your needs change, you can simply adjust your subscription up or down.

The money saved can then be invested in product, acquisitions, infrastructure upgrading, and otherwise growing the business.

Focusing on core tasks 

It’s common for organizations to spend a lot of time on admin tasks such as sorting emails, planning meetings, drafting memos, taking minutes, and so on. In short, teams spend too much time on admin work at the expense of building strategy, expanding the business or providing specialized services that best leverage theirs skills. Virtual assistants are the most cost-effective way to resource that administrative work.

For example, you can get a virtual assistant to build a list of prospects and follow up on sales leads. Or you can enlist the help of a specialized virtual assistant to handle your bookkeeping or manage your social media accounts.

Virtual assistants can also help you cut costs in others ways, such as by researching suppliers and suggesting lower-cost alternatives. In a nutshell, remote admin teams are the perfect solution for maximizing revenue and time while keeping costs contained.


Virtual Gurus’ flexible subscription-based model has allowed companies like IDEO to meet changing business demands with complete staffing flexibility. As a result, teams feel confident they can continue to adapt quickly to any situation that might arise, while also providing more opportunities for team members to take on greater leadership roles.

If you are looking for more sustainable options to empower your team and want them to take on more strategic roles, you should check out virtual remote admin support options. Get on a call with one of our solutions experts to find the right remote talent now.

VG Staff

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