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Headshots of Jasper C, a Sales Assistant and Laura L, an Executive Assistant, both with the Virtual Gurus.
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    Guru success stories

    Empowering single parents: Crystal’s journey with Virtual Gurus

    I’ve never worked somewhere that I can show up as my authentic self each day. It’s so refreshing to be able to come to work as you are.


    Social Media and Marketing Asssistant, Virtual Gurus

    Crystal Jepsen,

    You are capable of more than you think

    Build the career you’ve always wanted. 
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    Young African American woman happily sitting in her comfortable home office while working as a virtual assistant.

    Guru [goo-roo]: a skilled virtual assistant passionate about helping their clients succeed

    With the right mix of skills, experience and passion, you can join our growing team of virtual assistants. Here’s what we’re looking for:

    • You’re based in Canada or the U.S. and have reliable internet and a quiet home office setup.
    • You’re passionate about building a career as a virtual assistant. This is more than a stopgap; you’re in it for the long haul.
    • You have excellent communication skills, and you speak and write in English at a native level.
    • You have outstanding organization and time management skills.
    • You are observant and often anticipate the needs of others.
    • You are naturally tech-savvy.
    • You’re friendly and patient. You pride yourself on delivering high-quality customer service.

    Think you’ve got
    what it takes?

    4 steps to become a virtual assistant

    1. Complete the online application form (15-20 minutes).
    2. If your application is approved, you will be asked to complete one or more skills assessment, (30-60 minutes each).
    3. If selected, you will be invited to an onboarding session where you will become part of our active talent pool (1.5 hours).
    4. Once active, our Client Success team will vet your experience against open opportunities and identify the best match for your first client.

    Ready for Step 1?

    Diagram with the four step content application process. Step 1 Online Form, Step 2 Skills Assessment, Step 3 Onboarding, Step 4 Get Matched.

    You don’t have to go it alone

    Think of Virtual Gurus as a connector. We connect you with clients, support, resources and other virtual assistants to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

    • Connect with a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds.
    • Attend Lunch & Learns led by fellow virtual assistants or guest speakers.
    • Participate in virtual coffee chats to connect with other virtual assistants, discuss wins and problem-solve roadblocks.
    • Access perks and offers from organizations within our growing partner network.

    Join the Virtual Gurus
    community today

    Guru Mentorship

    • Get advice and guidance from your Mentor, an experienced VA who has been where you are
    • Get valuable tips and advice for building your client list, managing your workload, how to upskill and more
    • Schedule check-ins with your Mentor as often as you need
    A blurred out woman with long brown hair wearing headphones sitting while holding a white mug on a laptop with attendees of a virtual meeting.

    Upskill with the Virtual Gurus Academy

    The Virtual Gurus Academy is North America’s largest virtual assistant training platform. It provides a continuous learning opportunity for thousands of virtual assistants who want to expand their skills and earning potential through courses led by industry leaders and expert instructors.

    Your next career move
    starts here

    Discover courses like…

    • Advanced Canva and 
Graphic Design
    • How to be an outstanding Executive Assistant to a CEO
    • Grammar for Business Writing
    • And many, many more!

    explore the virtual gurus academy

    I love the fact that Virtual Gurus gives us a unique opportunity to balance work/home life. The work dynamic allows me to work from home, to work only on tasks that I enjoy doing the most, and independently! The VA community is an amazing, supportive experience to have.

    Niveria V
    Executive Assistant

    Working at VG allows you to set your own hours. I am a single Mom to my son, and having the flexibility with hours and working from home has helped me be more involved and present in his activities as well. The work/home life balance is much more productive for me, fewer interruptions, and I love working independently. I feel I am right where I need to be!

    Randi D
    Administrative Assistant

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to manage client invoices and billing?

    No, we handle that for you! Just record your hours in our project management system and we’ll manage your payments on a semi-monthly basis.

    Is there a time commitment requirement?

    No, there is no time commitment requirement; however, most of our clients are looking for daytime availability. To increase the likelihood of finding the right client(s), we suggest you provide at least 40 hours of availability per month.

    How long will it take to get my first client?

    It depends on the current demand of our clients and your skill set, availability, experience, program/software experience, etc. Individuals are matched as quickly as within the first week but the process can take up to 6 weeks.

    Is work guaranteed?

    While we can’t guarantee a specific number of hours or clients, our team works hard to match you with clients. We aim to provide your first client match within a month of becoming an active virtual assistant.

    How do vacations and time off work?

    As long as you communicate your request ahead of time (minimum of 2 weeks), you and the client can determine if they will be needing additional support while you are away.

    Are virtual assistants employees of Virtual Gurus?

    No, you are a subcontractor and will need to sign an agreement. This means you’re responsible for your own equipment and paying your taxes.

    How long does the application and onboarding process take?

    It can take as little as one week or up to a month. It’s partially dependent on your responsiveness and level of engagement!

    How much do virtual assistants get paid?

    Compensation varies depending on your tenure with Virtual Gurus, your clients and other factors.

    What is the most important skill set a VA should have?

    Communication is key! You will be working remotely and exceptional communication skills will be critical to your success.

    It’s a great time to be a guru