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Build employee advocates with HR operational support from a skilled remote HR assistant. For businesses looking to scale through attracting and retaining top talent.

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What is an HR virtual assistant?

A dedicated professional, prioritizing privacy, ensuring your HR goals are met and your team is kept happy.

Build trust with your employees
Attract and retain top talent

Employee requests falling through the cracks?
Let an HR guru catch what’s missed.

Every missed employee request or overlooked detail can lead to lost productivity, and that impacts your bottom line. With our skilled HR assistants at your side, you’re better equipped to boost team morale, reduce turnover, and enhance workflow efficiency. Whether you’re aiming for better talent acquisition, smoother onboarding, or heightened employee engagement, our tailored HR operational support is the bridge to your company’s ambitious objectives.

Talent acquisition & onboarding

  • Create job posting and distribute across job boards
  • Filter and review candidate resumes and applications
  • Coordinate applicant interviews, skill assessments, and evaluations
  • Assist in drafting offer letters and employment contracts
  • Streamline the new employee onboarding process

Internal HR communications

  • Distribute essential company updates and notices
  • Facilitate interdepartmental HR communication
  • Address and resolve basic employee questions and concerns

HR program management

  • Plan and coordinate employee engagement events
  • Support the administration of employee benefits packages

Employee development & support

  • Assist with payroll processing
  • Maintain up-to-date employee records
  • Aid in the generation of HR analytics reports
  • Organize training and professional development sessions

What sets our human resource
assistants apart

  • Pre-vetted expertise: Educated professionals with a proven background in HR operational procedures
  • Canadian and U.S.-based experience: Solid track record across the U.S. and/or Canada
  • Clear communication: Making interactions smooth and effective
  • Mastery of CRM: Hands-on experience with leading CRM tools
  • Precision and organization: An eagle eye for details and structured workflow
  • Tech prowess: Learning and adapting to new HR technologies
  • Solution architects: Not just solving problems, but foreseeing them
  • Resourcefulness: Always finding a way, even when there seems to be none
  • Adaptable nature: Navigating change with ease and resilience
  • Unwavering integrity: Upholding the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality
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Match your needs

Data-driven matching, with a splash of human expertise, ensures you get the HR assistant that meets your unique needs.

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Match your schedule

Choose how many hours you need per month and adjust as you go. Zero long-term commitments.

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Match your expectations

Our Client Success team ensures you’re supported every step of the way and are maximizing your subscription potential.

What clients are saying about our HR gurus

I was in desperate need of administrative support as my arts-based sole proprietorship grew too big to handle on my own – but creating a job post, vetting candidates, and conducting job interviews would’ve only made my already overwhelming workload MORE unmanageable… Virtual Gurus eliminated all that time and energy of recruitment, and quickly provided a qualified candidate to assist me ASAP – and provide helpful guidance on how best to collaborate remotely. (…) VG levels the playing field for small businesses looking to upgrade their systems with talented support staff – even if you can’t provide full-time hours.

Devon More
Owner, Devon More Music

Your business, your choice 

Get a quick start with one our HR assistant foundational packages below. Then, mould it to focus on the tasks pivotal to your business success.

10 hours/mo

  • Draft and post up to 2 job listings
  • Screen up to 10 resumes
  • Coordinate 1-2 interviews
  • Answer basic employee queries

30 hours/mo

  • All services in the 20-hour package
  • Onboard 1 new employee
  • Maintain and update up to 10 employee records
  • Plan and coordinate 1-2 training sessions

20 hours/mo

  • All services in the 10-hour package
  • Draft up to 1 employment contract
  • Support one employee engagement or charity event
  • Assist in generating one basic HR report

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to onboard my virtual assistant?

The onboarding process generally takes a few days to a week, depending on the complexity of tasks and the level of integration required with your team and systems.

How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

You decide the best method of communication with your virtual assistant: email, phone, video calls or project management tools.

How will my virtual assistant track their hours?

Our virtual assistants track their hours through our proprietary software, Talentplace, and provide regular updates on the tasks completed. You’ll receive reports detailing how the hours were spent, and you can view this information anytime through your client portal.

Can I view samples of virtual assistants’ work before subscribing?

To ensure the best fit, we often provide work samples or case studies. However, for privacy reasons, we can’t share specific work done for other clients. We encourage you to start with a one-month trial period to gauge the quality of our service. During your first month, you can receive unlimited rollover hours or receive a refund of any unused hours if you’re not completely satisfied.

Can I share my virtual assistant with my team?

Absolutely! Your virtual assistant can support multiple team members as long as their total work remains within the agreed-upon hours.

Who owns the work completed by my virtual assistant?

As a client, you own the work completed by your virtual assistant. The work they do for you is considered work-for-hire under our agreement.

Can I use my virtual assistant for multiple businesses?

Yes, as long as the tasks fall within the agreed-upon hours and comply with our terms of service, you can use your virtual assistant to support multiple businesses.

How are my data and privacy protected?

We take data security and privacy very seriously. Our virtual assistants are bound by confidentiality agreements. We don’t sell or provide your data to third parties, and you can request permanent deletion of your data by emailing your request to [email protected]. View our Privacy Policy here. 

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