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Breaking Barriers and Celebrating Women in Tech on International Women’s Day

VG Staff

March 8, 2024

Today, and each year on March 8, people everywhere come together to celebrate International Women’s Day—a day dedicated to recognizing the achievements of women and their contributions to society. This year’s theme is #inspireinclusion – working towards a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. One that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive, where difference is valued and celebrated.

At Virtual Gurus, inclusion and celebrating diversity is at the forefront of all we do. Today, we join in this celebration of the incredible women in our network and beyond who have broken barriers and paved the way for others in the tech industry.

One of the most significant barriers women in tech have faced is the lack of representation. The tech industry has long been portrayed as a male-dominated field, with women often overlooked or underestimated. However, in recent years, we’ve been seeing a shift with more women entering the tech workforce and making significant strides in roles from software engineering to data analysis to leadership, to cybersecurity.

Bobbie’s journey is a prime example of the resilience and determination of women in tech. So is Christine Gollayan’s. So is Kelly Schmitt’s. We were proud to host these powerhouse women in our space this Tuesday to share their journeys in a panel discussion celebrating women in technology and entrepreneurship who are accelerating progress and paving the way for women everywhere.

You can catch the full recap of the panel discussion here. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s honor the incredible achievements of women like Bobbie, Cristine, and Kelly – and all of the women in our community and beyond – who continue to break barriers, defy expectations, and inspire generations to come. Together, let’s continue to champion diversity, empower women, and build a more inclusive tech community for everyone.

Happy International Women’s Day!

VG Staff

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