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If you look good, we look good. That’s why our social mission fuels us to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients, so we can continue to provide opportunities to our virtual assistants, our North Star.

Out of the



Cost effective

Save the overhead of hiring in-house and only pay for the hours you need - no long-term contracts.

Flexible & scalable

Scale your package up or down based on your organization’s unique and evolving needs.

Curated match

Get matched in minutes using our Talentplace algorithm and rest assured that your dedicated client success manager will ensure all of your needs are met.

Vetted talent

Save time searching for skilled talent. Our team vets countless resumes, conducts personality and skill testing to ensure you’re accessing the best talent.

Onshore virtual assistants

Timezone, local cultures and traditions, reliable infrastructure, fair wages and supporting local are all reasons you can feel good about our Canadian and American VAs.

Build your team

No need to stress over a decision of who to hire first. Let us help build your whole back office support - from admin and bookkeeping to social media and sales.

Whether you need a dedicated virtual assistant, special project support or help with the occasional task, we’re your people.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I've had a great experience working with Virtual Gurus! I love that the plans are flexible, that I have access to people with different skill sets, and my client relationship manager has been so helpful. I love that I'm supporting Canadians and have found everyone very easy to work with, responsive, and talented.

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