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7 ways a virtual assistant service is a game changer for your small business

VG Staff

February 23, 2024

As a small business owner, you probably find yourself wondering: what should I delegate? What should I own?

Sound familiar?

We know that letting go of tasks can be challenging. Especially when you’re used to being a solopreneur. But we also know that you need time to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

As an entrepreneur, handing off tasks to a virtual assistant can help improve your productivity and give you hours back in your day. Best of all… you can do it without breaking the bank.

Key takeaways:

  • A virtual assistant can jump in on tasks, from bookkeeping and marketing to data entry and admin support, which will power up your productivity. You can focus on goal number one: growth. Wherever you need a hand… there’s a virtual assistant who’s up to the challenge.
  • Virtual assistants can support you with tasks as your business grows, without the pressure that comes with adding more full-time employees.
  • Virtual assistants are available to help you manage your calendar, so you can reach peak productivity and focus on business objectives (and avoid dropping the ball at home).

Choosing a virtual assistant service helps you:


  1. Supercharge your leadership team’s efficiency

Organizing files. Creating expense reports. Sending invoices. Inputting data into spreadsheets.

Mundane admin tasks are a non-negotiable part of running a small business. But that doesn’t mean you or other key people on your team need to be the ones performing those tasks.

When you delegate admin tasks to a virtual assistant, you give leaders the time and brain space they need to lean into what they do best: build the business and serve clients.

  1. Get the here-and-now support you need to grow and scale

Do you need event management support — so you can reach more people at conferences and trade shows? There’s a virtual assistant for that.

Need help writing job descriptions and getting open roles posted — so you can scale your company? You can hire a human resources assistant.

Want to dial in on your marketing? Well… you see where this is going.

Hiring virtual assistants allows you to pick and choose the specific areas that need attention. Instead of leaning on a single employee to be a Swiss Army Knife, hiring a VA allows you to outsource a broad range of tasks — and feel confident knowing they’ll get it done!

  1. Tap into all the talent you need, minus the cost of hiring staff

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of carefully managing salaries, benefits, and equipment costs until your business is ready for full-time employees.

Just like employees, virtual assistants are highly skilled and can perform many of the same tasks, without the cost or commitment. You can tailor the level of support provided, from a few hours of help to a full-time assistant to power your productivity.

  1. Manage your personal and business calendars, so you can crush it at work

Your calendar — both at work and at home — is more than full. Between meeting with your board and messages from the dental office receptionist, it’s hard to keep it all straight.

It can feel like your home responsibilities and your work responsibilities are competing for attention.

A virtual assistant service can help you manage your calendar, so you can tame the chaos at home and keep crushing goals at work.

  1. Protect leadership’s time

A 2023 report from Microsoft on trends at work found that employees spend more than half their day — 57% — communicating via email, chat, and virtual meetings. When you’re trying to scale a small business, that’s simply too much time.

Behind the scenes, filtering your communications and prioritizing your availability are crucial to leading a team. But you only have so much capacity in your day.

An entrepreneur virtual assistant can screen your calls, check inboxes, reply to emails, manage your calendar, and book your meetings. You can focus on preparing for the big pitch, rather than coordinating the logistics of it.

  1. Get support with document proofreading and research tasks

You’ve got that big presentation coming up. You need research on your potential customer’s industry, with a focus on competitors. After you’ve created the pitch deck, you need someone to proofread all 45 slides.

When that’s done, there’s the proposal that needs a second set of eyes and that draft of your company policies that needs a copy edit. After that, you’ll need someone to research software options for your growing startup.

A virtual assistant can help with all this… and more. So you’re less frazzled when it’s time to walk into that meeting.

  1. Level up your customer service

Customer service virtual assistants are problem solvers. They’ll get to know your product or service so they can comfortably respond to customer inquiries, manage complaints, process renewals, and collect feedback.

Without hiring a dedicated customer service representative, you can still reduce customer churn, get regular reports on customer satisfaction, and build loyalty.

VG Staff

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