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Virtual Gurus & askBetty: Two powerful tools to achieve more with less effort

Virtual Gurus & askBetty: Two powerful tools to achieve more with less effort. Woman of Colour looking at her smart phone and carrying a backpack walking outside.

Melanie Lavoie

March 5, 2021

Virtual Gurus and askBetty powered by Virtual Gurus are two powerful tools that will help you to achieve more for your business, with less effort. Outsource projects and tasks you don’t have time for to a team of virtual assistant professionals that understand your business and specialize in the skills you need to get your task list done efficiently. So – what is Virtual Gurus? askBetty? And, how can they help your business to succeed?

Virtual Gurus

Virtual Gurus is a Calgary-based business operating across Canada and the United States, that matches virtual assistants with niche skills to clients who need support in those areas. Oftentimes, the clients we work with are looking for specialized support but don’t have the resources to hire in-house, salaried staff. They are looking for cost-effective solutions to traditional staffing. Our monthly subscription model allows you to select the number of hours you need to outsource your tasks – which means that you’re only paying for the time that you’re virtual assistant is working for you.

Our talent marketplace matches you to your perfect, dedicated North American virtual assistant. Select your new, remote team member based on the skills you need, the time commitment you require, and availability. Our in-house team will help you to adjust your remote team and requirements as needed, and as your business grows. By having your very own dedicated virtual assistant, they will quickly get to know you and your business and become a true addition to your team – whatever may be the size of your business.


askBetty is powered by Virtual Gurus and an extension of the virtual assistant services we provide. Sometimes having a dedicated virtual assistant on a monthly subscription basis might not make sense for your business – we get it. Each business is unique and has its own needs that change regularly. But, what if you still wanted to outsource your tasks and get items ticked off your to-do list but didn’t want the monthly commitment? That’s where askBetty comes in!

askBetty connects you to on-demand, live virtual assistants to help with those itty-bitty tasks. Need help proofreading a document going out to an important client? Need a second set of eyes on your social media posts for the week? Need someone to transcribe those meeting minutes and send them out to your team? Could use some help booking corporate travel for your next business meeting? Want help researching a caterer for your next virtual staff party? askBetty can help you with all of these and so much more!

Connect with our team today to learn which solution is best for you and your business. We are thrilled to help our clients to grow and scale their businesses with our Virtual Gurus and askBetty virtual assistants and can’t wait to speak with you soon.

Melanie, with Virtual Gurus

Melanie Lavoie

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