Support Small Business Week: Why it's more important than ever

Alexa Kowaltchuk
October 9, 2020

There are more than 1.2 million small and medium-sized businesses in Canada – with 20% of those businesses found right here in the Prairies (Business Development Bank of Canada, 2020). These businesses help to fuel our economy – both locally and nationally. With the pandemic still being a pervasive threat, local businesses are struggling immensely to keep afloat, with many of them closing their doors for good. If small businesses continue to shut down, large corporations will take advantage of all of this vacant competitive space. This means that our consumer choices will become less diverse, mass production will supersede quality, jobs will be replaced, and our pricing options will be far less competitive. Our local small businesses need us now – and, our choices now will affect our future forever. Let’s take action, help local businesses, and support small business week across Canada.

What is Small Business Week?

Small Business Week (October 18th – October 24th 2020) founded by the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship and small business ownership across Canada. During the week, thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs come together to recognize the accomplishments of individuals and groups in our local business communities, to network with like-minded and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and to learn from one another throughout a jam-packed week of events on a wide range of topics.

Why It’s Important Now More Than Ever

Learn From the Experts

Attend events led by industry experts who are offering their years of wisdom and guidance on a variety of topics. These are fantastic opportunities to expand your knowledge of our local and Canadian business environments, discover tools and resources that are available to you and your business, and learn new strategies for business growth and success.

Celebrate Entrepreneurs Who Are Succeeding in Times of Crisis

Come together to celebrate the entrepreneurs who are attempting innovation (even if they aren’t unsuccessful), coming up with creative solutions, adapting to the challenges of these unprecedented times, and transforming their businesses for success. They need our support and encouragement now more than ever.

Grow Your Professional Network

By attending events and engaging with individuals and teams across the entire country, you will have exposure to hundreds of new contacts to add to your professional network. Connections are powerful and an instrumental component for creating new opportunities for yourself and your business.

Discover New Opportunities to Support Local

Many of us have been doing our part to support local businesses. We buy from our local shops, dine at our local restaurants, and share our love for them all over our social media accounts. For more tips on how to support your favourite local businesses, click here. But, there are even more ways we can band together to support our local business communities. Discover new opportunities to support local and how you personally can be part of the change.

Mark your calendars, because we’ll be at the BDC Small Business Week and we hope that you will be there, too! Learn more about Small Business Week and the exciting line-up of events here.

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