How a web-savvy VA can help your business succeed

Justin Waldrop
August 15, 2022

Websites are often the first impression of your organization for prospective clients. They explain your offering and showcase your brand while building credibility for your organization.

Your website is also your central hub for communicating with your audiences and engaging them to take action, whether buying your products or services, supporting your campaigns, donating to your non-profit, attending events or providing reviews or feedback. It provides a platform to convert prospects into life-long clients. 

Hiring a web-savvy virtual assistant (VA) will help you maintain and optimize this crucial organizational asset. A VA can post regular content and provide ongoing updates to your site, optimize content and layouts and ensure it continues to function properly.

Website maintenance

Nothing is worse than a client visiting your website to find outdated information or components that don’t work. It’s crucial that the information on your website reflects your business’ current offerings and that each element on your website functions correctly. 

Here are four things a VA can help with to stay on top of website maintenance:

  1. Changing graphics, page titles, footer information, etc.
  2. Checking your site speed and identifying issues that may be slowing it down
  3. Monitoring SEO performance
  4. Auditing your site to look for other enhancement opportunties

By having your own web-savvy virtual assistant to keep on top of basic maintenance, you can rest assured that your online presence is intact, ensuring your brand is protected.

Audit your website for suggested best practices

Your website must adhere to the latest best practices to engage web visitors effectively. It must be well-designed and user-friendly.

If your site is built on a common platform such as WordPress, Wix or Squarespace, a VA with experience in your platform of choice can make a wide range of changes and updates to your existing site.

Our web-savvy virtual assistants are well-equipped to support you in enhancing your already existing website, including:

  • Setting up a blog page and posting your written blogs
  • Building in scheduling functions
  • Linking social media platforms
  • Ensuring that all pages are designed with your users in mind

Creating regular content to engage your audiences

The content on your website should reflect your brand's voice and be compelling enough to inspire conversions to your offerings.

VAs with experience in web content creation and management know how SEO-driven content works and how to keep visitors engaged. They’re skilled at writing creative, fresh and curated content that appeals to your target audiences.

A well-maintained website means success for your organization

First impressions count, so your website should build credibility for your organization while support your business goals. Build or enhance your online presence and engage your audience with the help of one of our web-savvy VAs.

Need a web-savvy VA for your business? We’ve got a whole crew of gurus who are highly skilled in website maintenance and content creation, ready to help your business achieve greater visibility and grow your customer base.

Want to learn more about hiring a virtual assistant?

View our services page to see all the ways we can support your team.

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