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Fintech startup accelerates growth with fractional talent

Sandeep Todi, CEO of Truly Financial and a virtual assistant with Virtual Gurus working remotely at her desk


A flexible and scalable VA subscription was the perfect solution for this fintech startup to support rapid growth while keeping the organization lean and agile.

The opportunity

As a fintech startup, Truly Financial (formerly Remitr) has a lean team who are all extremely busy. Leadership was struggling to find enough internal capacity to keep up with a range of projects from social media management to recruiting and research.


Bolster team capacity with skilled fractional talent to tackle a mix of ongoing tasks and shorter-term projects.

The solution

Initially, Truly Financial’s most urgent need was on the recruiting front, so Virtual Gurus matched them with a VA skilled in HR support. Once the recruiting push subsided, Truly Financial decided to switch the focus of their VA package to social media management, so the VG team matched them with another VA who brought a strong social media skill set.

Truly Financial appreciates the flexibility of Virtual Gurus’ subscription-based model, both in terms of the size of the subscription and the different areas of support. “We can move up or move down as needed; we’re not tied down to a specific commitment,” says Sandeep Todi, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Truly Financial.

“One thing I like about the Virtual Gurus team is that they’re very hands on, accessible and responsive,” Sandeep says. “They never try to sell you something for the sake of it; rather it’s a very thoughtful and customer-focused approach, which is rare in this time and age.”

The impact

Enlisting the help of an HR-focused VA was instrumental in helping Truly Financial recruit new team members on an accelerated timeline.

“Before bringing Heather on, I struggled for almost a month to put together two job descriptions, because I just didn’t have the time,” said Sandeep. “In a very short time, she was able to complete those for me, do the heavy lifting on screening and bring me a short list of candidates. She really helped us accelerate that process and make it very efficient.”

On the marketing side, Truly Financial’s new VA, Robbi, has provided a consistent level of support for the bank’s brand and customer engagement initiatives.

“Robbi helps us get in front of customers in a very proactive manner, and to be more thoughtful as a brand,” Sandeep noted. “When people talk about their financial challenges on social media, we’re able to proactively engage with them, helping us tap into customer acquisition opportunities that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.”

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