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5 social media tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant

Client surrounded by social media icons showing 5 social media tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant with Virtual Gurus.

Virtual Gurus Staff

July 18, 2022

Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy, but managing social media channels and activity is a time-intensive exercise. Many organizations struggle to keep up.

Using a social media virtual assistant is a cost-effective way to get efficient, specialized support for social media management.  Here are 5 social media tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant.

1. Social media copywriting

Have lots of ideas to share with your social media followers, but have no idea how to articulate them? Writing content can be challenging and is one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media. If you’re planning to post multiple times throughout the week, creating new and fresh content that isn’t repetitive is difficult.

Hiring a virtual assistant specializing in content writing can be a huge time saver for you and your business. Outsource this social media task to a virtual assistant who understands your industry and demographic.

Having someone who is an expert in best practices for social media content writing is invaluable and will maximize the effectiveness of your posts .

2. Graphic design and video editing

In order to break through cluttered social media feeds, your posts must include visually striking, attention-grabbing, and creative imagery and videos to support your social media posts. But creating them requires both an eye for design and familiarity with editing software.

Outsourcing graphic design and video editing work to a virtual assistant who understands your brand can provide relief if you aren’t confident in your creative abilities. Beautiful images, designs and videos created specifically for you will help optimize your social media performance.

3. Editorial calendar management + scheduling

Social media has many elements; it is more than just creating well-written posts, beautiful images and videos.

Timing is a crucial aspect of social media. Planning monthly editorial calendars, scheduling posts, and correctly timing when different audiences see posts are some of the tasks involved in efficient social media scheduling. Understanding how and when to schedule posts can tremendously impact how audiences discover your business.

Good editorial calendars should also leverage relevant trending and timely topics, whether it’s hashtag holidays, memes or current events. Creating content aligned with these topics demonstrates your brand’s relevance and expands your reach.

Planning these tasks is essential to social media engagement and customer service; a virtual assistant can cover them for you.

4. Social analytics and recommendations

Understanding how your target audience is engaged by your social media posts is critical to understanding how effectively your content drives new business.

Hiring a virtual assistant who is an expert in social media analytics is a cost-effective alternative to marketing agencies, which generally charge much more. A dedicated VA provides individualized, focused support for your social analytics needs.

Virtual assistants can produce and explain reports on what posts and channels are working for your business and driving traffic and why others aren’t working as successfully. They can provide insights and recommendations such as geo-targeting, hashtags and keywords that will increase engagement and promote your business correctly to your target audience.

5. Social media engagement and customer service

Need someone to respond to comments and questions across your social media channels? Virtual assistants can work as Community Managers for your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok accounts to manage and engage with your social communities.

LinkedIn is a growing social media and networking channel popular with our clients, and its adoption rate by marketers worldwide is steadily growing. Our VA’s are ready to help you maximize your ROI on this channel, as well as other popular social platforms..

Community managers promptly reply to comments and customer inquiries, filter and delete spam comments, retweet and re-share information from others, and build engagement. Customer feedback provides insights into pain points, and our VAs can provide you with solutions.

Tying it all together

Working with a social media virtual assistant allows you to outsource your social media tasks to experts who can execute your vision and strategy.

It’s a cost-effective way to increase efficiency by outsourcing specialized tasks. At the end of the day, your social media engagement and customer service build customer loyalty, turning your customers into fans. This level of engagement often turns customers into brand advocates – generating repeat business and new leads via word of mouth – completing your marketing funnel.

Virtual Gurus Staff

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