5 social media tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant

Alexa Kowaltchuk
May 15, 2020

With remote work on the rise, more businesses are turning to virtual assistants to outsource tasks and projects. Virtual assistants are cost-effective, increase efficiency, free-up time, and provide specialized support in niche business areas. But, did you know that you can hire a virtual assistant to manage your business’ social media? Here are 5 social media tasks you should outsource to a virtual assistant.

1. Community management

Need someone to respond to comments and questions across your social media channels? Virtual Assistants can work with your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to manage your social communities. Community managers promptly reply to comments and customer inquiries, filter and delete spam comments, retweet and re-share information from others, and build engagement.

2. Content writing

Have lots of ideas to share with your social media followers, but have no idea how to articulate them? Writing content can be challenging and is one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media. If you’re planning to post multiple times throughout the week, creating new and fresh content that isn’t repetitive is difficult. Hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in content writing can be a huge time saver for you and your business. Outsource this social media task to a virtual assistant who understands your industry and your demographic. Having someone who is an expert in best practices for social media content writing is invaluable and will surely help your business to grow.

3. Graphic design

Having a vision for your social media accounts and posts is a great step in the right direction for beginning to build a social media presence. But, to properly execute your vision, you will need visually-striking, attention-grabbing, and creative imagery to support your social media posts. Outsourcing graphic design work to a virtual assistant who understands your brand and your vision can provide relief if you aren’t confident in your own creative abilities. Have beautiful images and designs created specifically for you, that will help support your social media and business strategies.

4. Editorial calendar management + scheduling

Social media has many elements to it. It is much more than just creating well-written posts and beautiful images. Timing is a crucial aspect of social media. Understanding how and when to schedule posts can have a tremendous impact on how audiences discover your business. Planning monthly editorial calendars, scheduling posts, and correctly timing when posts are seen by different audiences, are just some of the tasks involved in efficient social media scheduling. Planning these tasks are important social media issues covered by a virtual assistant.

5. Social analytics + strategy

Understanding how your social media posts are translated by your target audience is critical to understanding how effective your content actually is for driving new business. Hiring a virtual assistant who is an expert in social media analytics is a cost-effective solution to marketing agencies, who generally charge much more, and provides individualized, focused support for your social analytics needs. Virtual assistants can produce and explain reports for what posts and channels are working for your business and driving traffic, and why others aren’t working as successfully. They can help you to strategize and implement new social media strategies that will increase engagement and promote your business properly to your target audience.

There are tons of reasons why choosing to work with a virtual assistant is an absolute no-brainer for you and your business. Virtual assistants are cost-effective, increase efficiency by outsourcing tasks, free-up your time so that you can focus on what’s really important, and provide specialized support in niche areas. Hiring virtual assistants with expertise in community management, content writing, graphic design, scheduling, and analytics, will allow you to outsource social media tasks to experts who can execute your vision and strategy, with absolute efficiency and ease.

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