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5 courses every virtual assistant needs to take

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August 17, 2023

Elevate your VA career with courses from the Virtual Gurus Academy

Getting an education isn’t cheap and falling behind is expensive. Staying ahead in the VA realm means rapidly evolving and constantly upskilling to refine your craft. As a virtual assistant, your success hinges on your adaptability but also on the depth and breadth of the skills you offer your clients.

Your bank account shouldn’t determine your ability to grow and increase your earning potential. That’s why we created the Virtual Gurus Academy for all of our virtual assistants, free of charge.

Our top 5 courses every virtual assistant needs to take:

  • Virtual Assistant Bootcamp
  • How to Run Highly Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Instagram Strategy for Virtual Assistants
  • Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Building a Profitable VA Business You’ll Love

Why The Virtual Gurus Academy?

Recognized as one of the top virtual assistant companies by Clutch, The Virtual Gurus provides a dedicated online learning resource for their VA Community – The Virtual Gurus Academy. Here, courses are designed keeping in mind both the newcomers and the veterans in the VA industry. What’s more, our courses are instructed by experienced professionals who’ve worked as a VA themselves and know the best courses every virtual assistant needs to take.

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Benefits of our courses

Industry-Relevant Content: Our courses are created to reflect the best practices in the VA industry, ensuring that your skills are always in demand.

Practical Approach: Beyond just theoretical knowledge, our courses focus on real-world applications, giving you hands-on experience and making you client-ready.

Networking Opportunities: Engaging with the courses also connects you with a community of like-minded professionals. Receiving feedback from your peers is a quick way to grow your skills and identify new opportunities.

Flexibility: Designed for the busy professional, our platform allows for learning at your own pace, ensuring you can balance client work and professional development seamlessly.

Certification: Upon course completion, receive a certificate for your Talentplace profile that is sure to secure you new clients as it serves as a testament to your upgraded skills.

Top 5 courses handpicked by our VA Community

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Virtual Assistant Bootcamp

Dive into a comprehensive journey that takes you through the A-Z of being a virtual assistant. From how to work remotely, to common challenges you may experience, how to build a successful client relationship and strategies for conflict resolution – this course ensures you’re market-ready and confident.

How to Run Highly Effective Virtual Meetings

This may sound intuitive but running large meetings with many stakeholders requires a lot of juggling. Virtual meetings, while convenient, come with their own unique set of challenges. This course demystifies the process, helping you conduct streamlined, productive and effective meetings that make your client feel at ease.

Instagram Strategy for Virtual Assistants

Become a master of content and be the social media guru your client needs! Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing, master content creation, organization and scheduling, and get acquainted with the secret of targeting your audience.

Graphic Design Fundamentals

Your client’s brand stories deserve to be told beautifully. This course polishes your design understanding, focusing on design principles, typography, colour nuances and the best tools for the job. Perfect for beginners or those who are looking to refresh their design skills.

Building a Profitable VA Business You’ll Love

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Shift from just being a VA to creating a VA empire you’re proud to put your name behind. Understand the foundations of setting up a business, crafting superior client experiences and learn how to attract and retain the type of clients that you feel good supporting and are a good match for your skills.

By upskilling through these courses, you’re not just gaining knowledge. You’re enhancing your marketability, boosting your confidence, expanding your service offerings and setting yourself apart in a crowded market. There’s never going to be a downside to learning.

VG Perk: It’s on us! To underscore our North Star mission to break down income-earning barriers, our VA community can access all of these courses completely complimentary. It’s one of the ways we invest in your growth. Once you’re an active member of our VA community you can chat with a member of our Virtual Assistant Success team to receive your discount code.

Now that you know the top 5 courses every virtual assistant needs to take, it’s time to learn! Visit the Virtual Gurus Academy here to sign up or if you’re ready to take it one step further, consider becoming an industry-recognizable virtual assistant with Virtual Gurus.

VG Staff

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