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7 most in-demand virtual assistant skills in 2024 (our predictions)

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November 16, 2023

As 2023 fades away, virtual assistants everywhere are diligently completing self-evaluations. Taking stock of which skills they’ll need in order to attract new clients in 2024. Or if not, they should be.

As we step into 2024, the landscape of remote work continues to is constantly evolving, and so are the virtual assistant skills required to excel in this field. At Virtual Gurus, we’re always looking ahead to identify the skills that businesses need, before they know they need it.

This research allows us to grow our virtual assistants skills and keep them at the forefront of any industry. Building on our past predictions, here’s our updated guide to the most in-demand VA skills for 2024.

Top 7 most in-demand virtual assistant skills in 2024:


In-demand VA skills clients are looking for in 2024 explained:

1. Advanced digital collaboration skills:

In-demand virtual assistant skills in 2024 are going beyond the basics in digital collaboration. Imagine seamlessly managing complex projects, orchestrating online meetings like a pro, and using advanced features of tools like Asana, Trello, or Microsoft Teams to keep everyone on track. This skill set is about making remote work feel as connected and efficient as being in the office.

2. AI and automation skills:

AI and automation isn’t just a trend—it’s a revolution. By mastering these technologies, you’re not just streamlining tasks; you’re transforming the way work gets done. Think of it as your secret weapon: with AI and automation, you’re faster, more efficient, and always a step ahead. Do more than keep up; lead the charge in a world of remote work.

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3. Data analysis and reporting skills:

It’s time to learn Excel. I know, I know – it’s painful to even think about. Businesses want to make smart decisions, and this requires data. Levelling up your Excel skills, learning a few basics in Google Analytic and knowing how to navigate common CRM’s, will make a huge difference. Clients will be on the lookout for VAs who can not only juggle basic numbers but also spin them into visual insights they can understand.

4. SEO and digital marketing skills:

Virtual assistants are becoming SEO wizards and Google Ads gurus. It’s all about helping your client in nailing those perfect keywords, making every ad click count, and diving into Google Analytics like Watson helping Sherlock on a detective mission.

5. Multilingual communication skills:

The web is a global village, and as a multilingual virtual assistant, you’ve got the VIP pass. As a top in-demand virtual assistant skill, speaking multiple languages is creeping up to the top of the list. It goes above the ability to translate words, it empowers you to help your clients connect with different cultures and explore new opportunities.

A cheerful man with headphones using a laptop, with international flags on the desk, embodying global communication skills essential for a virtual assistant.

6. Cybersecurity skills:

T-Mobile, 23andMe, even LastPass have all experienced recent breaches in security. So, it stands to reason that businesses have cybersecurity top of mind. Having a virtual assistant with a grip on cybersecurity basics is like having a personal guardian of the digital realm.

Handling sensitive data? You should know how to batten down the hatches. This in-demand VA skill is your shield, ensuring client information stays safe and sound, fortifying trust with every interaction.

A person in a dress shirt interacts with a mobile phone and a digital tablet, displaying a task completion checkmark, representing in-demand virtual assistant skills.

7. Sustainability and CSR skills:

Finding a virtual assistant who speaks the language of sustainability and corporate social responsibility is a breath of fresh air for clients. You’re not just assisting; you’re supporting your client while they journey towards eco-friendly and ethical business choices.

So now what?

Head into 2024, confident and armed with these top seven skills that are in high demand. From mastering digital collaboration to protecting sensitive data, you have the potential to be the top in-demand virtual assistant that businesses seek.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join our Virtual Gurus community, where your growth and success are our top priorities. Discover a world where learning and innovation meet, and where your career can truly flourish.

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