Become a Virtual Assistant

We supply the clients.
You supply the skill.

Work with awesome clients, set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home office. Connect with other VAs and our Talent team for community and support.

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Why become a virtual assistant?

Get paid for the work you do and we'll look after the rest.

Set your own hours and track your time using our project management system.

Get matched with unique clients from a variety of industries

Connect with other virtual assistants through our community

We’re looking for talented individuals with the following skillsets:
Think you've got what it takes?

With the right mix of skills, experience and passion, you can join our team of virtual assistants. Here’s what we’re looking for:

You have professional experience or relevant post-secondary education under your belt.

Your time management skills are outstanding. You hit deadlines head on.

You’re based in Canada or the U.S. and have the right home office setup to work as a virtual assistant.

You have a positive outlook and proactive attitude about getting things done.

You’re friendly, patient and you pride yourself on achieving standout customer service.

You’re passionate about the idea of becoming a virtual assistant. This is more than just a stopgap; it’s a career choice.

You have stellar communication skills, and you speak and write in English to a native level.

Being organized is an innate skill and you’re naturally tech savvy.

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Meet a few of our North Stars...

Our virtual assistants are our North Star. Learn about why we do what we do here.

Our application process

Here’s what you can expect from the moment you hit ‘submit’ on your application:

Share your contact info, resume and portfolio (if you have one) on our application.

Next we’ll test your skill set using our e-skills testing platform. You can expect an English test, VA Basics, and up to 2 core service skill tests.

You'll be invited for an interview.

If your interview goes well, we'll invite you to become a Virtual Gurus VA!

You’ll complete our 15-hour onboarding program, including five hours of online training and 10 hours of shadowing with a lead VA.

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Do I need to manage client invoices and billing?

No, we handle that for you! Just record your hours in our project management system and we’ll manage your payments on a bi-monthly basis.

Is there a time commitment requirement?

We onboard virtual assistants who have at least 20 hours of availability per month. Like any role, each specific client that you have many requires specific time.

Are VAs employees of Virtual Gurus?

No, you are a subcontractor and will need to sign an agreement.

How long does the VA onboarding process take?

It can take up to a month.

Looking to brush up your VA skills?

The Virtual Gurus Academy provides a continuous learning opportunity for thousands of virtual assistants that choose to expand their skills and earning potential.

Pick the courses most relevant to you and learn from industry leaders and expert instructors.