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Advancing the Mothers Matter Centre: The Impact of Using a Virtual Assistant Service

VG Staff

May 17, 2024

Challenge: How can a nonprofit enhance operational efficiency and strategic focus amidst growing administrative demands?

The Mothers Matter Centre, a national charity dedicated to supporting mothers to thrive so their children and communities can prosper, faced a significant challenge. As a charitable organization reliant on the goodwill of donors and constrained by government funding, the Mothers Matter Centre struggled to manage increased operational costs without compromising its mission-critical activities. The CEO, overwhelmed by administrative tasks, found little time to engage in strategic initiatives critical for long-term success.

Solution: Implementing a tailored virtual assistant service to streamline operations and free up executive time.

To address these challenges, the Mothers Matter Centre turned to Virtual Gurus for a solution that aligned with their values and operational needs. Virtual Gurus, known for its commitment to providing employment opportunities to marginalized groups, offered a perfect match. The Mother’s Matter Centre was paired with Kassidy, a bilingual virtual assistant who could handle administrative tasks and communicate effectively in both of Canada’s official languages.

“I am a significantly better Executive Director; I’m able to raise more money, be more present for my team, and be more strategic in how I’m thinking and what we’re bringing forward because I have executive support.”

—Amy Robichaud, CEO of The Mothers Matter Centre

Result: Significant operational improvements, enhanced internal communication, and strategic focus.

With Kassidy’s support, the Mother’s Matter Centre experienced a transformation in operational efficiency. The CEO achieved the elusive inbox zero daily, ensuring more time could be dedicated to strategic growth and leadership activities. Kassidy’s bilingual skills bridged communication gaps within the team, enhancing workflow and document management across languages. Furthermore, her remote presence fostered a cohesive team environment, normalizing remote work and strengthening the organizational culture.

The Journey to Operational Efficiency

Upon integrating Kassidy into their operations, the Mother’s Matter Centre quickly saw the benefits of having a virtual assistant. Kassidy not only managed routine tasks with exceptional efficiency but also brought an invaluable cultural fit to the team. Her background and personal experiences resonated with the staff, many of whom were immigrants and mothers, further enriching the team dynamics.

Amy Robichaud, CEO of Mother’s Matter, noted, “Having Kassidy on board has not only streamlined our operations but also deepened our internal community. Her ability to connect on both professional and personal levels has been a significant advantage.”


Operational and Cultural Transformation

Kassidy’s impact extended beyond mere administrative support; she played a pivotal role in managing the organization’s bilingual communications, crucial for a national charity operating across diverse communities. Her involvement allowed French-speaking employees to engage more fully, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.


The Mother’s Matter Centre’s partnership with Virtual Gurus and Kassidy exemplifies how targeted administrative support can transform a nonprofit organization’s efficiency and morale. The case of the Mother’s Matter Centre demonstrates the profound impact of aligning operational support with strategic goals, paving the way for other nonprofits to consider similar solutions.

Transform Your Nonprofit With A Virtual Assistant

For nonprofits struggling with similar challenges, engaging a virtual assistant from Virtual Gurus might not just be a solution—it could be a transformation. Virtual Gurus continues to empower organizations like the Mother’s Matter Centre, ensuring their missions aren’t just supported, but they’re also successful.

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