A Guide to Working Remotely while Living in an RV

Travelling full time or living in an RV every day of the week is the dream of many people.

Unfortunately, most view it as a retirement lifestyle or of that of the independently wealthy, or those who don’t have a home.

But modern technology is transforming those views by allowing the average person to live out their dream of being on the road while working remotely.

The lifestyle can be exceptionally rewarding on both a personal as well as financial level.

Let’s explore what it’s like to work remotely on the road and see how it can benefit you.

There are five key benefits to working remotely.


With virtual assistants available to help you from anywhere and everywhere, just about anything can be done remotely, provided the work does not require you to be at physical location every day.

Those types of jobs, like doctors and nurses who work at a specific facility, rely on your physical presence for you to perform your tasks.

True remote jobs are usually done over the phone or the internet, which makes it easy to enjoy a new adventure, while still getting important work accomplished.

You may not even have to give up your current job to go on the road.

Replacing workers for an employer is a costly process, so they usually have a vested interest in retaining your services.

If you can see yourself doing your job remotely and living in an RV, then simply ask if it is possible and work with your employer to make it happen.

The worst they can say is no.


First, you can often set your schedule according to your specific needs.

Most remote working positions are based on work quotas or flexible schedules. With work quotas, you are required to achieve certain goals in a specified time frame.

There is no clock to punch into, so if your work is done on time, then you are in the clear.

With many remote jobs, you essentially log into your employer’s system to make yourself available.

Then you work until you log out.

This degree of flexibility is great when travelling.

It allows you to schedule work around changes in time zones, travel days and activities in the areas you are visiting.

Also, by working remotely you are not bound to working in a specific place, so if you want to get some work done while resting on a long hike, that is certainly possible.


The full time RV lifestyle is a minimalist lifestyle.

Gone is the clutter and need to take care of or maintain things you really don’t need.

The is great because all that time you wasted doing those things in the past can now be allocated to growing your career, exploring the world, meeting new people and having fun.

You really don’t realize how much time you waste on unnecessary things in life until you don’t have to anymore.

With that time recovered, your quality of life improves substantially.


Along with the time savings comes money savings.

Full-time RV living while working remotely is not inherently cheaper then owning or renting a standard home.

You can easily burn through a lot of money if you are not careful.

However, if you set budgets and goals, then there are financial benefits to this lifestyle that are easily achievable.

Of course, you’re still paying for gas and food, but think of all the things you don’t have to pay for.


The final major benefit is in the travel itself.

Living free on the road allows you to experience so many things that are simply not possible from a fixed office cubicle.

These can be life-changing experiences. Being able to get out and walk the rocky coasts of Oregon, drive across the

Great Plains, stand amongst the pillars in Bryce Canyon or under the canopy of the Giant Redwoods – these are all possible when you live and work on the road.

These experiences show you the power of nature and give you a better understanding of where you fit in.

The benefits are not limited to nature, or just North America.

While working remotely, you will meet other people from all over the world.

Many have amazing stories to tell and lasting friendships are often formed on the road.

This can be both personally and professionally beneficial.

You never know who you may meet on the road that can have an impact on your career.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of working remotely and living in an RV.

All these benefits add up to a provide a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for anyone ready to take the leap into full time living on the road.

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