About Us

We are a talent as a service (TaaS) solution.

Hiring a remote worker with Virtual Gurus saves you time and money. We build you a remote team by using matchmaking algorithms based on what your business needs are.

Virtual Gurus is a flexible two-sided marketplace, our account managers and remote workers are constantly updating their skills to stay on track with the latest technology. All of our North American Freelancers go through diligent screening process, we have our own internal team who recruit, interview and vet through our growing database of more than 18,000 potential Gurus.

We only hire the top 3% of the applicants we receive.

We will be launching our profile matchmaking algorithms soon, where you will be able to build your own full remote team of marketing assistants, virtual assistants, real estate, medical, bookkeepers and more…

Social Impact

We pride ourselves on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Our internal mandate is to focus on hiring those who would otherwise potentially have a hard time finding work.

Our Leadership Team

Bobbie Racette

Founder & CEO

Margaret Glover-Campbell


Jonathan Berube

Director of Sales

Becca Duquette

Director of Operations
(Virtual Gurus)

Jenn Delconte

Director of Operations (askBetty)

Jessica Brietzke

Senior Client Success Manager

Richard Raju

Sales Manager

Alanna Murray

Client Success Manager

Abby Belin

Client Success Manager

Shoshana Katz

VA Success Manager

Alan Heil

VA Success Manager

Jade Stevens

Web & Design Manager

Alexa Kowaltchuk

Social Media Manager

Jovita Koko

AR/AP Admin Manager

And backed by: Full Stack Developer, Payroll & Billing Team and 250 (and climbing) Virtual Assistants

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