What to Prepare Before You Begin Working With Your Virtual Assistant

What to Prepare Before You Begin Working With Your Virtual Assistant

If you’re new to working with a virtual assistant, figuring out how to delegate tasks and to work with your virtual assistant effectively can be a bit of a learning curve at the start. Don’t fret – we’re here to make the transition to remote support easier for you and your business. Selecting the right virtual assistant to support your business and the types of tasks you need done is crucial. We at the Virtual Gurus have over one hundred professional and skilled assistants in our marketplace with a wide range of experience spanning everything from legal administration to graphic design – which means there is a perfect match for every unique business. Once you’ve chosen the right virtual assistant for your business it’s time to get organized and ready to work with your new remote helper. Here’s what to prepare before you begin working with your virtual assistant.

Determine the areas of business you need support with

Before you get on your first call with your assistant, make a list of all of the tasks and items you need help with. 

Are you struggling to keep afloat with the constant influx of new emails and calendar requests? Are you behind on your monthly reconciliation reports? Are you in desperate need of a creative eye to create ads and social media graphics? Are you in need of a community manager to handle your seemingly endless social media interactions and comments? Are you looking for a grammar expert to proofread client documents?

The more specific you can be with your list, the easier it will be for you to delegate tasks and to communicate with your assistant exactly what you need done.

Prioritize your task list

Once you have your final task list ready to go, rearrange your tasks in order of priority. 

Are there any tasks you would like your assistant to get started on right away? What current projects are you struggling to hit deadlines for?

Having a clear understanding of what needs to take priority is instrumental in the beginning. This will keep you and your assistant from becoming overwhelmed in this period of new transition and can help to eliminate any potential conflict with time management. If there are any tasks or projects with a deadline that you know of already, write it down so that you have it handy for your first call with your assistant.

Set a frequency for the tasks you will need help with

If you have ongoing tasks, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly, set a clear expectation with your assistant for how often you need these tasks completed and when. This will help your assistant to better arrange their calendars and understand what is expected of them.

Create a contact list for your team

Communication is key when working with your virtual assistant. Virtual assistants have access to computers, phones, webcams, and a variety of messaging apps and software that can better your communication flow. Select the method you would like to communicate with your assistant, whether it be by email, direct calls and text messages, or video conferencing, and be consistent in your choice. Create a contact list with key members of your team that will likely need to be in contact with your virtual assistant. List their preferred method of contact and how they can be contacted. 

Get all your login information and passwords ready to go

If you will need your virtual assistant to access any of your accounts, whether it be your email, social media channels, or bookkeeping software, get your login credentials ready to go. Generally, many accounts will require two-step verification on your end the first time your virtual assistant will access your accounts, so be prepared to do so when the time comes.

Get ready for your first call and training

Once you have all of this information ready to go for your first call with your virtual assistant be prepared to leave some time in your schedule for any required training sessions. Your virtual assistant might need training on your internal processes and with the software and programs your team uses. This can be done over your first call with your virtual assistant or over a series of Zoom calls where you are sharing your screen and demonstrating what needs to be done.

With any new hire and any new job, there will always be a learning curve at the start – this is inevitable. Once you and your assistant begin to build momentum in your communication and task delegation, the work that you accomplish together will become second nature for the both of you and your other team members. Get organized and be prepared for your first meeting, so that you set yourself and your new virtual assistant up for the greatest success for your business – right from the start.

Looking for remote support for your business? Get in touch with us today – we’re here to help your business grow.

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