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It’s six a.m. and the alarm goes off, signaling the beginning of another day in the hustle and grind.

Cynthia is still in the game.

She’s the captain of her ship, CEO of her self-employment venture. It’s been over 3 years and although being an entrepreneur is hard work, she knows that she made the right choice opening Brilliant Décor, her interior decorating and consulting business.

Her latest project was off to a good start, but for some reason, it has become a bit challenging. Fabric orders have been late coming in, phone messages from new clients need to be returned and the office space she recently rented is in need of a professional organizer.


Small Rocks Add Up

Instead of trying to create a well-polished and finished product for her clients, Cynthia has found herself struggling to handle the administrative tasks, such as returning phone calls and following up with late orders.  She’s happy that business is growing. The networking events and her email marketing campaigns have been paying off. But even that needs constant following up with to keep her current clients engaged through monthly newsletters.

Three new clients in the last month is definitely a positive move in the right direction. It’s great to know that business is coming through her door, but if the execution of all the steps in designing this one of a kind loft isn’t flawless or perfect, her reputation could be tarnished, especially since she’s still new to this arena with only 3 years in.

Is It Time To Delegate?

If this sounds anything like you or someone you know, then step in a bit closer and listen. It might be time to consider hiring an assistant, but not just any assistant. It’s time to hire an extraordinary virtual assistant to tackle all the work that you as a “one-man show” cannot do all on your own.  

Perhaps you are a small start-up or have an online presence instead. Maybe you’re a large franchise with locations across the country experiencing growth, but the budget for more staff to handle customer service, you’re accounting processes or special promotional campaigns is limited.  

So what is a virtual assistant? In today’s “world of work” the term virtual has become part of our everyday language as technology continues to advance allowing us to stream live, work in teams while living in other parts of the country or the world! You can take a meeting through zoom or do administrative work right from your home office.  Not sold? Ok, let’s talk about some of the benefits of a VA staff for your company.

Why Should I Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant definitely reduces overhead costs since they are paid by the task.

The stress of advertising, interviewing, hiring and training someone new is eliminated when it’s all done virtually!

Maybe you have a project or special event that doesn’t require a full-time or part-time employee. A virtual assistant would be the perfect solution for any business in any sector where work doesn’t need to be done within the walls of a physical location.

Extensive training may be needed for one person to do multiple tasks for a specific project. But what if you hired several virtual assistants, with their own unique skills, who specialize in that very area of work to be filled? That project could be completed to perfection, on time and on budget especially if you have a  virtual assistant at the helm as the project manager.

Maybe you need someone on a long-term basis to oversee all of the daily tasks that allow your business to run smoothly. A virtual assistant allows taking care of those details allows you to focus on what any boss should be doing, strategizing and planning for future business.

These individuals working virtually specialize in just about any industry you can think of! With the increased number of online shoppers, businesses and the continued explosion of social media platforms, virtual assistants are very much and will continue to be in demand.

See The Results Right Away!

So are you wondering whatever happened to Cynthia’s Brilliant Décor?

Fast forward to 6 months later and she’s on the right track with her business. She contacted Virtual Gurus and is rocking her business with a new assistant. Now, orders are followed up with, callbacks made to clients promptly and marketing newsletters emailed monthly to her client base.

As for her office space? It never looked better since Kelly her VA found her a professional organizer, all within her budget. Now her focus is where it should be, building her business and strategizing for the next big project. She’s billed every month and doesn’t have to worry about the everyday details of her business being taken care of. Since hiring a virtual assistant, things have never looked better!

They say “the only constant in life is change” and if that’s true, then how we work will also continue to change. Get ready world, virtual assistants are pretty much here to stay.

What are your tips for working with a virtual assistant? What are some tasks you recommend delegating to save time? Join the conversation below!

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!

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