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10 Questions For Potential Virtual Assistants

Are you considering virtual work? Perhaps you’ve read about all the perks of working from home: a flexible schedule, no dress code and the easiest work commute, ever. If you’re slugging it out in cubicle culture and looking for a change, virtual assistant work provides an opportunity to manage your own career path.

That said, virtual work isn’t for everyone. You’ll need strong time management skills, the ability to self-motivate, and a love of solitude. There are many other skills and tools that can make you a great virtual assistant but for now, let’s start with some basics.

How ready are you to escape your office job and enter the world of virtual work? Take our quiz and find out!

Are you a self starter?
get more from virtual assistant
Do you have an indestructible Internet connection?
Can you work alone for long periods of time?
Can you work videoconference software?
Do you have above average time management skills?
Do you have a home office or workspace?
Do you have a computer with current software and apps (within 2-3 years)?
Do you have an alternative system to use in case your computer crashes (iPad, laptop)?
Do you have an emergency plan if your Internet goes down?
Are you spontaneous (every day of your life is different from now on… kind of spontaneous?)
10 Questions For Potential Virtual Assistants
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