Virtual Assistants and Real Estate: The Possibilities are Endless!

Phones are ringing, emails are racking up, text messages are pinging away – life in the real estate industry is a hectic one. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Agent, the calls and questions asking for your professional opinion never cease! But, isn’t that why you entered the field?

My question to you is;

“Do you want to keep doing it alone?”

I know myself – I wouldn’t want to. At least not all the time. But perhaps it’s time to consider a virtual assistant to help you focus on the aspect of the job you enjoy most.

Ask yourself what sort of tasks you could use an extra hand with. This is so that it would would alleviate your time constraints. And with this, you can focus on the things that matter to you most. Whether you need to focus more on paperwork that needs to be industry regulated or foster your client and referral relationships, or maybe even spend more time with your family, you can find the time to do it.

What help can you get?

In my experience, the types of tasks that could be easily delegated is CRM Management; getting those leads written out for follow up. This person could take those business cards that you gathered at the networking event in your community. And after that, upload them to your CRM or Contact List. Plus, by doing this, it would not only be for future contact info. But, the virtual assistant would also help you to touch base periodically to keep the relationship warm and keep those referrals coming!

There are the added benefits of Blogging – if you aren’t a strong writer, you could find someone to work on blog content for you. Which can feel cumbersome, when you’re not into it. Blog writing is one of the strongest mediums to gather more clients from, though and gives you a lot of reach.

As always in this digital age, there is the bonus of using a Virtual Assistant to grow your social media, too. By taking things like your blogs, current listings and industry news that is applicable to the client base you have, your organic outreach can get larger by having someone share and promote it for you. Voila!

Another added benefit is that your virtual assistant can also keep your website current with your listings and rates (for Mortgage Agents). Along with this, the virtual assistant can also ensure that the CRM and Website stay in communication with one another.


Another example; what if you’re going to a Trade Show to promote your services to the area, Ms. Mortgage Agent? Your virtual assistant can help you not only secure your booth. But also make sure the promotional materials and banners are ordered and delivered to you in time for the event.

After having an initial conversation with a mortgagee, having your assistant begin the document collection process for you and your compliance team is a great benefit. They can do the ID gathering and ensure the conditions are being met during the real estate process right to the legal close.

They could even help you by sending gifts (be it Tim Horton’s or Starbucks Gift Cards) to referrals. Or, they also help in sending a “Welcome to your New Home” gift set to your First Time Home Buyers. That is something that you wouldn’t even have to think about as a Real Estate Professional or Mortgage Professional.

Having emails come in from clients looking to book times to view properties? Including your virtual assistant on the email list as well means that they can look at your schedule. And match up something with your client’s availability to be able to reach out to the sellers and book the appointment for you.


They can even assist with things as simple as helping you book appointments for you and your family. Or, booking family vacations that you and your spouse have decided to go on (researching costs etc.). Additionally, they can help in managing the emails/calls while you are spending that time recharging your batteries.

The peace of mind that comes from you working with a Virtual Assistant could be priceless. And not only to you and your business, but also to your family and down time as well. They are a supportive member of your team, even if you only meet for ZOOM calls, not in person.



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