How To Use Zapier For Notifications

For virtual assistants, juggling multiple clients and tasks is part of a daily routine. As your client base grows, the need for shortcuts and time savers increases as well. This is where the web automation tool, Zapier, is a great resource.

Zapier is a tool that connects web apps to perform automated tasks. To do this, the user creates a “zap”, which sets up the web apps, and a trigger to activate the zap. For example, if you wanted alerts for new Twitter mentions to go to Gmail, you would create a zap with Twitter and Gmail, and trigger the zap to work each time Twitter mentions you.

The key to making Zapier work for you is to start small and build up to more complicated integrations. Here’s a visual step by step to demonstrate how to create the zap mentioned above.


Now that I can rely on Gmail for updates, if I miss a check in on Twitter, I’ll still have the information. Have a social media channel in Slack? You can create a variation on this to send Twitter updates to Slack instead.

Helpful Hint: What are the tools that you use to do your heavy lifting? That’s where you want to send the information from a zap. For example, I use Gmail, so I focus on zaps that send data there.

Give It A Try!

Here are some “fun” zaps to try. You can’t break anything and these are good practice. That first zap that pops up in a system, especially if you’re a tech nerd like me, feels absolutely magical!


  • Want to get weather alerts texted to you? Use the Zapier weather app and Zapier SMS.


  • Want the latest tracks from Soundcloud sent to Pushbullet? Use this zap template.

Zapier has an endless array of templates to create automation scenarios. Since the format is the same (choose apps, create trigger, create zap), it’s easy to create your own variations. Zapier as an automation tool is valuable for streamlining processes for your clients, too. In a world where we have more work and less time to do it, Zapier is a tool that provides some much needed shortcuts.

Have you used Zapier? What are your favorite zaps? Share your automation tips with us below!

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