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Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, when did you last update it?

If you’re feeling a sense of panic coming on, that’s normal. With so many different social media platforms to choose from, it’s hard for businesses to know where to focus.

It’s fairly common for one or more platforms to get pushed off the radar – especially if they are not easy to automate or require more maintenance.

YouTube is a good example of a social media tool, like Quora, that exists outside the typical social media sites. That’s a good thing. YouTube uses the most popular medium (video), has a built-in audience, and it’s proven to increase sales.

No, you’re not going to automate YouTube like you can with Twitter or Facebook. And it’s going to take some time and focus. But if you want to increase your customer base using video marketing, it’s worth the work.

Here are ways you can improve your channel, the quality of the content and optimize your channel for searches.

Do Some Housekeeping

Take a good look at your YouTube channel and make sure the design clearly reflects your current branding. This means updating the header panel, completing the description area and updating contact information and social media links.

Chances are if you’ve neglected your YouTube channel there’s outdated information. This says to viewers, “I don’t care”.

Paul McGregor uses graphics to keep it interesting.

Review & Edit All Your Content

Go to your channel and watch all your videos. Yes, I said all of them. Anything with outdated or incorrect information… has to go.

“But then I’ll have less content!”, you say. Yes. But the content you’ll have will be relevant. This is so important with businesses that post tutorials. If it’s obsolete, take it down. YouTube is clogged with useless screen share videos – don’t add to the mess.

This is also a good time to curate your page. Take stock of your subscribers and reach out to other thought leaders in your industry to connect. Remove random content that is unrelated to your business and group your content by category.

Great lighting, audio and framing. Ingrid Nilsen captures the spirit of work at home types: offbeat, smart, quirky.

Invest In Equipment

If you’re going to focus on YouTube as a viable promotional tool for your business,  you can’t make videos on the cheap.

This means no rambling screen shares with terrible audio. No web camera chats using internal audio.

I’ve said this so many times. Every time you post something on social media, you are representing and promoting your brand. Does your company suck so bad the best you can do on YouTube is a crummy screen share?

If you can’t invest in video production, look at alternatives. Animated videos (we love these!) are fun to watch and work around video production issues. Or, make short, animated videos from presentation slides in PowerPoint. Whatever you do, don’t make it look cheap.

If you’re going to DIY your video content, then check out the tutorial below to walk you through the basics. Or look to outsource this all together.

Nick Nimmin's key concepts to create better videos.

Solve Problems

Too often businesses post YouTube videos to advertise their business with informational video or testimonials.

These types of videos are used to promote your brand, but they don’t engage the viewer in a dialogue. This is where you want to create content that encourages viewers to act on the subject matter.

For example, we hire virtual assistants. Good examples of content for virtual assistants are videos about the type of skill set needed to do virtual work. The best laptops for remote workers. Tutorials on popular types of software. By teaching and solving problems we are attracting viewers who may want to become virtual assistants.

Web users are savvier than ever. Bland marketing attempts don’t work anymore, and YouTube audiences are notorious for finding and posting free content. If you’re afraid of giving away too much for free, YouTube is not your platform. There’s a trend in marketing now that’s leaning toward removing paywalls and it’s a reflection of thought leaders confident enough in their product to offer more solutions up front to potential customers.

Colin Boyd uses a different approach to teaching PowerPoint. The result? Not boring.


If you’re making great video content and nobody sees it, what’s the point? Like all social media, advertising can give your channel the necessary boost to attract potential customers.

YouTube, like Facebook and Twitter, has similar criteria for targeting audiences. You can customize advertisements to your industry and demographics.

Using YouTube advertising in conjunction with strong CTAs (“Subscribe here”) can be a powerful combination to increase your subscribers. Creating an ad campaign before a new product launch can be a way to synergize your ad with an instructional video on how to use the product. If you’re savvy with Facebook ads, you can essentially apply the same logic to YouTube.

Digital Marketer's short clip gives the low down on YouTube ads.

SEO Everything

Let’s all groan right now and get it over with.

Done? Ok. Now let’s get on to the business of tagging that video so it will show up.

For YouTube videos, you’ll want to continue using the series of keywords that you utilize on your blog or website.

For example, if you specialize in sportswear, try using video titles like “hoodie”, “yoga pants” and then elaborate on the product description. As with blog titles, keep the title short and descriptive.

Image courtesy of

Spend time on video descriptions. A clever video description can engage a viewer, a sentence stuffed with keywords will confuse them. A genuine voice that describes your video will still allow use of keywords and may even rank better in searches.

Use meta tags for your video, but don’t get crazy. Like blog posts, 4 or 5 accurate tags are plenty. Remember, tags help viewers find your video. It serves no purpose to draw random viewers with too many tags or tags that have no relevance.

Image courtesy of


What does it take to have a great YouTube channel?

Solid, well produced content, a well organized channel and cohesive branding. Targeted viewers can find your channel through advertising and SEO optimization. Video is time intensive and requires additional resources, but the return on the investment can be worth it.

Do you use YouTube to promote your business? What have you learned using video marketing as a tool to grow your business? Share your thoughts below!

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