Use Quora To Find New Customers

Need an easy way to generate interest in your business?

Do you enjoy writing about your industry and providing solutions to customers?

Then Quora is the social media platform you need to be using.

Two key aspects of Quora make it a great marketing platform:

  • Targeted audience – Tailor your answers to potential customers asking questions about your products or industry.
  • Search engine visibility – Your well-crafted answer can rank in search engine listings, bringing your business thousands of potential new customers.

Users click on Quora to find solutions from business professionals. In order to thrive on this platform, I’ve compiled best practices from my own experience and the success of other users.

Below are a few tips on how to use Quora to engage customers and amplify your business presence.

Describe Yourself

Use the real estate for your profile to describe who you are and what you do. Avoid any random or non-business related descriptions. You’ll want to make sure when you answer a question, the viewer sees your company, your role, and your accomplishments.

Use The Mini Bios

The credentials feature allows you to create mini-bios when you are responding to different topics. Make sure you use this feature to create various bios for given topics. This allows you to diversify your skill set and provides visibility across multiple areas in your industry.

Be Consistent

When searching for topics to discuss, stay focused on one area of business. For example, if you’re a clothing company, stick to those discussions instead of veering off into politics or science. You’ll see in your feed random questions from time to time, just pass on those. It’s better to have a consistent body of responses for your industry rather than answers that seem scattered. Also, your random answers on politics or society may offend potential customers. I’ve discussed this before – the minute you log onto a social media platform, you are your brand. Stick to topics that promote your business.

Don’t Be Phony

If your idea of answering a question is to pitch your business and add a link to your website, don’t expect any upvotes.

If you want to add a website link, make sure you’ve already provided useful information to your readers. The less you think of Quora responses as “marketing”, the better. Think of your presence on Quora as a way to wow potential customers with your industry knowledge. This will earn you a following and more upvotes. This leads to more business.

Source Your Answers

A response supported by quotes from professionals or sourced information will show that you mean business.This is a great way to reference thought leaders in your industry, which can lead to networking opportunities down the road.

Honor Requests

Unless a question is off topic or self-serving, it’s important to respond to requests from readers.

There are two main reasons to write answers:

  • You never know who is asking the question – it could be an individual, or an individual asking for a large company. Don’t assume anything. When opportunity knocks…you know the rest…
  • Build your network. Answering individual questions means you are serious about networking and sharing information. Shameless marketers don’t bother with requests, or they’ll just shoot off a link as a response. Answering requests ups your street cred.


Upvote responses to questions and show solidarity with professionals in your field. This is also a way to promote answers that are well written and legitimate professionals. Upvotes are also key to gaining popularity on the platform.

Create A Marketing Strategy

So, a potential customer loves your posts and wants to use your services?

Make sure you have a link that goes to a landing page that tells the customer what to do. When a potential customer clicks on the link, they can enter information that allows your sales team to follow up and contact them to discuss their business needs. Like any other social media platform, think sales funnel and CTA – Quora requires more effort to generate interest, so use that hard work to direct potential leads into a targeted funnel.

Work The Platform

Quora requires a considerable time investment to generate a following. Consider this when using this platform and factor that into your social media strategy. Sometimes it’s better to assign a subject matter expert to focus on Quora as a solo project in order to stay consistent with on the site. Remember, users will catch on to copy and paste responses – you’ll need to provide original content to users on a regular basis, similar to a business blog.


Quora is a social media platform with great marketing potential for subject matter experts willing to invest the time to engage with other users. Using your knowledge of your industry to provide useful answers can earn you upvotes and eventually, a new customer base.

Remember to provide solutions first, lead with your expertise and avoid “sales” pitches. Quora is the Wikipedia of social media, so users are there to find answers. Your dedication to providing those answers is the right way to promote your business.

Do you answer questions on Quora? How have your Quora interactions helped your business? Share your thoughts below.


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