Top 5 Amenities to Look For in a Coworking Space

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When choosing the ideal coworking space to work from, there can be an overwhelming amount of amenities to consider. Luckily, at Virtual Gurus, we are experts in working remotely and have personally tried and tested tons of coworking spaces across the country (and abroad), so we know exactly what to look for! We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 amenities to look for in a coworking space, to get you focused on what’s really important for your new office space.


Internet access and speeds should be first and foremost when considering a coworking space. As a remote worker, being connected to your coworkers and clients should always be THE top priority, always. Generally speaking, MOST coworking spaces have awesome access to Wi-Fi.

That being said, if you are working as a digital nomad in a foreign country, be sure to consider the area’s general access to the Internet. Is the city or town you’re staying in prone to power outages? If so, does the coworking space have access to a back-up generator (some do!). To avoid any sudden surprises be sure to contact the coworking space beforehand and read reviews thoroughly.

Workspaces + Meeting Rooms

We’re all different and we all work differently. I know that I personally find it hard to sit still and love having a variety of options of places to work from: standing desks, sitting desks, open work tables, private meeting rooms, and even hammocks. Hey, a little change of scenery is good for productivity!

Having access to different types of workspaces is great for different personalities and different types of work. If you love to be surrounded by people and your productivity thrives in this type of environment, having an open work table is probably perfect for you! Do you need quiet spaces to take meetings? Be sure to find a coworking space that offers private meeting rooms. If you have itchy feet and find sitting uninspiring, try a standing desk!

Ideally, you want to find a coworking space that offers the whole package – all types of workspaces and workrooms, so that you can work with flexibility and be your most productive self, all the time.

Tech + Supplies + Equipment

Depending on the type of work you do, your needs for tech, supplies, and equipment will vary.

Consider what you would need for the company or clients you work for and make a list of absolute must-haves. Now, are these must-have things you already own and can transport easily each day to a coworking space? Do you need equipment like scanners, photocopiers, and printers? How often will you actually be using these and do you need it on a daily basis? If it is something you need often, make sure the coworking space offers it. The last thing you want is to be stressed about finding a scanner (or whatever it is you may need) the night before a big deadline.

Food + Beverages

Do you need coffee to fuel your best work? I know I sure do! Many coworking spaces offer coffee, tea, snacks, and more. Some coworking spaces even offer full cafe and restaurant services on site. If the coworking space you are considering does not offer food and beverages on site, be sure to check the surrounding area with a quick look at Google Maps to see what other options are available. Or, if you are a meal-prep type of person, check to see if there are kitchen or food storage facilities offered by the coworking space.

Wellness Facilities + Programs

Work and wellness go hand-in-hand. Having strong, happy, healthy minds increases our productivity and mood at work. And, it definitely shows as more and more coworking spaces are increasingly adding wellness facilities and programs to meet these demands.

Lots of coworking spaces offer yoga, meditation, workout facilities, nap rooms, sports, and SO much more! It is pretty incredible actually to see what new ideas surrounding wellness are surfacing in coworking facilities.

Evaluate what wellness facilities and programs you would actually use or believe you would benefit from and narrow down your coworking space options based off of these. Often we might “over-subscribe” ourselves to the idea of using all of these options, but don’t actually see it through and end up paying a hefty premium for it. 

With so many coworking spaces out there today, there is a seemingly infinite amount of options and amenities that can be overwhelming to consider. Don’t overpay for services you won’t use and consider the amenities you actually require to get your work done. Do your research thoroughly and be smart with your selection.

Here are some links to get your coworking space search started:

Happy coworking space hunting!

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