Top 10 Most Effective Apps for Remote Workers

Being a remote worker takes a lot more communication (using effective apps) and planning than most would think.

Any non-remote worker has this thought in their head that remote workers sit on a beach in Bali sipping on an organic smoothie and living their best lives.

Although for some this might be true, the majority of us are in a coffee shop, home office or co-working space rattling our brains on how we are going to accomplish everything without getting too distracted.

In the corporate world, we are told to what apps to use or what software to get on board with simply because the company already has licenses or someone high up the food chain made the decision to use the product – no matter how tolerable it is.

One of the benefits of working remotely as a Canadian virtual assistant is that we get to choose which apps work best for us and our productivity.

Here is a list of the top 10 best apps for remote workers that we believe will change your day-to-day workflow.


The BEST organization tool for projects.

You can organize any plan or project with ease and have the entire team collaborating on it.

It’s easy to use, free and helps keep everyone on track.


The perfect spot for yourself, your clients and your team to communicate remotely.

You can create channels to have specific team members or clients chatting at once, send documents, photos, and even have a phone mail if you need it.


Being remote means not seeing people face to face.

The best way to combat this is to use Zoom, a video conferencing app that also allows you to share your screens, which is perfect for show-and-tell demonstrations or collaborating.

Google Docs

Collaboration 101 – the best place to store your documents and work with your team/clients at the same time.

The best part is, you can share changes and work collaboratively.

Google Docs (Distraction Free Mode)

This google chrome extension is a life saver.

It hides all of the controls and buttons on google to allow you to focus only on the writing without distractions.


This is pretty straight forward and most people have heard of it.

Store all of your files safely in Dropbox and send them to your clients/team.

Wi-Fi Map

This app is amazing for remote workers.

Wherever you are you can find you where the free Wi-Fi is so you can get work done and not eat through your phone’s data. A win-win.


Whether you are doing research, writing out processes or organizing all of the different articles you find online, Evernote is your go to.

You can add photos, links and website pages, and organize them all on cards.

The search function is amazing for finding exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Every Time Zone

Most remote workers have clients or team members in many different time zones. Use this app to keep track of where everyone is and know exactly when you can contact them.


Keep your meetings organized and send your link to your clients/teammates so they know when you are available. This will help you avoid double booking or overextending yourself.

If you haven’t used one or all of these apps, you should. They will save you time, make you more efficient and keep you organized.

There’s many other apps out there that we likely haven’t mentioned, so let us know if there is one you LOVE.


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