Three ways to effectively manage a remote team of virtual assistants with Virtual Gurus

So, you’re a successful digital entrepreneur and perhaps it’s time to expand and grow the team by hiring virtual assistants.

Finding quality remote employees is just the first step to creating your dream team and some entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking their work is done once they hire the right people.

We’re here to tell you that’s just step one; once you find the right people, it’s important to effectively manage and lead them to success – and it starts with you.

With that said, it’s a lot easier to manage people face-to-face but we are here to give you some tips on how to get the most out of your virtual assistants.

Here are our Top 3 tips on how to get the most out of your remote dream team of virtual assistants:

1. Video, video, video!

It’s one thing to hold virtual meetings and regular chats to convey your needs but using video to do so elevates your game – and theirs. It’s doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly but it doesn’t hurt to hold perhaps one or two face-to-face meetings per month to help connect with your virtual assistants. Depending on your time and availability, this might be more effective if it were one-on-one but group meetings can work, too. There are some great tools out there (a personal favourite of ours is Zoom) that will help you get the most out of your virtual meetings. Nothing beats an eye-to-eye chat

2. Build a rewarding culture

You want your dream team to feel like exactly that; a team. The more your virtual team members can trust one another, the better they will work as a collective. Whether it’s small talk or even helping each other on projects, people that work well together are always an integral part of success. What is your team’s culture? Fun? Serious but efficient? Whatever it is, a well-oiled machine always works together to get the job done. Did your dream team accomplish some major goals and targets? Why not reward them. It can be as small as a special shout out but giving employees an extra little motivation to reach their targets is never a bad thing.

3. Use the tools available to you

Whether it’s Slack to communicate, Zoom to hold face-to-face meetings, Dropbox and Google Docs to keep track of important information, Evernote to collect research or a plethora of other useful tools available to you, use them. Every company has different needs and tools at their disposal and there is no shortage of great technology and management tools out there. It’s always a great idea to scour those “Top 10” lists when it comes to apps and programs that will help you effectively communicate and get the job done. Pro tip: ask your virtual assistants what programs they have used before. Generally, they probably have a few great ones in their back pockets.

Of course, there are a thousand more tips that can help you effectively manage your virtual assistants and it really all starts with you. As a leader and a team manager, you should lead by example and create a welcoming environment where your team feels relaxed sharing their ideas, too. Communication is key.

What are your tips for working with a virtual assistant?
What are some tasks you recommend delegating to save time?
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