The Virtual Gurus’ Commitment to Marginalized Communities

The Virtual Gurus are committed to celebrating diversity and championing for inclusivity. Our Founder and CEO, Bobbie Racette, has experienced prejudices against her and a difficult set of challenges as a female, Indigenous member of the LGBT+ community. Our social mission is to provide coaching, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities for marginalized individuals in Canada and the United States.

The Virtual Gurus' Commitment to Marginalized Communities

It is without question that this past week’s events have brought prejudiced, oppressive, and deep-rooted systemic racism issues to the surface for the world to see with wide-open eyes. These harrowing, heart-wrenching events have sparked international uproar and refocused our much-needed attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, which began in July of 2013, campaigning for justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.

These events could not have transpired at a more consequential time. June is Pride Month and Canada’s National Indigenous History Month. This month is critical for understanding, honouring, and celebrating inclusivity and diversity. This is a time that is in dire need of our attention. We must listen, learn, and act in ways that positively impact change and create sustainable outcomes that matter for marginalized communities and individuals.

We’ve compiled a list of petition and donation opportunities where you can create positive change, take action, and be part of the solution:

Sign Petitions

These petitions address issues spanning a variety of marginalized communities, with a focus on matters taking place in Canada. We urge you to provide your input on petitions to include to make this list more comprehensive so that we can maximize our reach and impact.

Donate to Charities and Organizations

With focus on Canadian charities and organizations, this list is by no means exhaustive or complete.  Again, please let us know of any charities or organizations to include to increase our reach and impact.

Black Lives Matter Movement Charities and Organizations
LGBT2Q+ Charities and Organizations
Indigenous Charities and Organizations

Contact Your Government Representatives

Call or write a letter to your local government representative and urge them to act on issues of racism, diversity, and inclusion within your local communities. 

To contact your province or territory’s Premier, click here.

Our collective fight against inequality, injustices, and prejudice in marginalized communities is far from over. Recent, catastrophic events have brought to light the importance of standing up and speaking out for others who may not otherwise have their voices heard. We must listen, learn, and act in ways that positively impact change, take action, and be a part of the solution to create sustainable outcomes that matter for marginalized communities and individuals.

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