The Virtual Assistant: A Startup’s Secret Weapon

It all starts with the drive to become an entrepreneur.

The thrill of creating a service or product that disrupts the industry with the sole purpose of bettering people’s lives can keep you going even through the toughest of times.

I know we have all been there.

Those moments where you struggle to get through the to-do list that’s a mile long while trying to strategize to keep your growth going.

Eventually you start to feel burnt-out and the list keeps getting longer.

If you are in this position, I want you to stop right now and add an item to the top of your to do list.

I know, one more item, but I promise you it will change everything for you.

Take out your pen and at the top of your list write the following:

  • Hire a virtual assistant

Next to the above, I want you to take a quick second to write “my secret weapon.”


Having a virtual assistant on your side is almost like splitting yourself into two.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be doing two tasks at once and putting everything you had into them?

Well now you can, with some modifications of course.

Your virtual assistant isn’t your exact clone, but they will be able to help you tackle that to-do list with efficiency.

Better yet, while the virtual assistance is tackling those daunting tasks, you can focus more on your business and scaling up.

Hiring a virtual assistant from Canadian Virtual Gurus will put your mind at ease.

These virtual assistants can handle anything, including bookkeeping, website development, social media management and even customer service.

You get to choose how many hours you need and what tasks you need completed to help free up your time.

Another great perk of using Canadian virtual assistant services is that you are not limited to only one virtual assistant.

Instead you are a part of a bigger team.

Just like you, virtual assistants have their own expertise and won’t always fit your needs.

When they can’t help you, they reach out to the rest of the team to ensure you get an expert for every task you have.

Another great perk of having a virtual assistant is that they can help you create processes and procedures within your business.

Process is everything when it comes to a start up business.

Without them you will never be able to lean out your procedures in order to make your business more efficient and scale.

Your virtual assistant can even help you lean out your current processes especially for tasks that you want to keep doing yourself.

Your virtual assistant is exactly that, virtual; meaning you don’t need to break the bank for office space, technology, or worry about providing extra benefits.

All you need to do is keep your communication lines open and your to-do lists growing.

It truly is that easy to get a virtual assistant as your secret weapon to take away those pesky tasks and let you get back to working on your business instead of in your business.

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