Be A Superstar On Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a popular live streaming platform for promoting your business on Facebook. Not only can you connect in real time with customers, it’s an opportunity to present your company, team, and culture.

Through Facebook Live, you can respond in real time to customer comments and questions. A business can now experience a human connection that isn’t possible in other aspects of social media.

Since this is a live streaming platform, you are live on camera. This means you’ll need to have the right tools and do some housekeeping before you broadcast. With any new platform, there’s a learning curve. You’ll need to get familiar and proficient with the technology that makes for a good live event.

The right tools, planning, and practice will ensure you produce a quality live event. Here are some tips to be the next Facebook Live superstar!

Before You Live Stream

Set Up Your Studio:
Find a comfortable and quiet space in your home or office for your event. Use a good quality iPhone or Android and consider a tripod or other method to stabilize the phone. A chaotic environment will distract your viewers. Make sure you have a table available to display products or keep notes to check.

Check Your Sound: Lousy audio will make viewers leave your event quicker than anything else. Turn off fans, electronic devices and make sure your pets and kids are frolicking in another area of the house. No large, echoing conference rooms and no open windows with traffic in the background. If there’s one thing you want to QA for your live event, this is it.

Don’t Be Backlit: Lighting is complicated. You’re not going to achieve Fellini-esque lighting with an iPhone and some desk lamps. You can avoid being a ghost by closing blinds and placing lights in the foreground. Whatever you do, don’t sit in front of a windowsill.

Stay Still: Do not roam around with your phone. Not only will this compromise your audio and lighting, it will create a feeling of “motion sickness” with some viewers. If you need to move, get a friend to do the filming and do a practice run.

Choose A Dimension: You can use an iPhone or Android, but the iPhone has the option to broadcast vertically or horizontally. Pick one and stick with it. Shifting the phone back and forth is another way to make viewers dizzy (see the previous tip).

Ready, Set, Live Stream!

Casting Call: If you want to succeed at Facebook Live events, you can’t be terrified of the camera. This is the main reason businesses shy away from Facebook Live. Recruit a company influencer or network to find actors that can embody your brand in this format. This is a performance medium, so make sure the person facing the audience is right for the part.

Write A Script:  You’re doing a live event where you are promoting your brand and your services. Would you go into a boardroom of executives and wing it? Uh, no.  If you’re new to being on camera and Facebook Live, use a script until you feel comfortable being spontaneous. Use note cards or create a list of talking points for your event. If you go live and ramble on, you may miss hitting key points and bore your viewers.

Broadcast On A Schedule: You’ll need to consider when you want to live stream. Think about when you can engage the most customers.  If you are running a store for baby clothes, you’ll want to live stream during the day to target new moms. Product demonstrations are better for evenings when viewers are home. Discussions are good for the work day so workers can listen on their phones without video, if necessary. Make sure you pick a time and stay consistent so your customers know when they can connect with you.

Remember To Promote: Don’t be afraid to promote your event. Start the week before with posts and use catchy descriptions to get customers excited. Make sure to respond to customers that have questions about the event.

Make A Connection: Look into the camera, introduce yourself, and welcome viewers by name. Plan to do a 15-minute event and state the purpose in the beginning, middle and end so all viewers know exactly what the topic is. This is why scripting is so important; you can chat with your viewers but still return to your topic without getting off track. Most of all, be yourself. When you use Facebook Live, you’re essentially defining yourself as your brand.

Here Come The Comments: Decide how you want to address comments before you live stream. Do you want to field comments as they come in, or answer questions in batches throughout the event? Use the comments as an opportunity to promote your goods or services. If a customer is asking for a solution, offer a product. A customer needs more information? Offer a consultation with your company. Do a review of the comments before you sign off to make sure your viewers have the information and answers they need

Review And Edit

Get Feedback: After your live event, solicit feedback from your viewers. Yes, it may sting. But it’s the best way to know what you’re doing right and what you need to work on. Are you talking too fast? Too serious? Too goofy? These are all things you can tweak. You are your brand – so make sure you are putting your best face forward in this medium.

Download And Promote Your Event: This is such a great feature of Facebook Live. You can download your event and post it for your customers that couldn’t attend the live stream.

Kim Garst offers great instructions on her website on how to download your video and do sick live events.


Facebook Live provides a new, innovative platform for businesses to promote their products and engage with customers. When you invest the time to learn the tools and refine your on-camera persona, you can win new customers and create a new avenue to grow your business.

Have you used Facebook Live? What are some tips and tricks you use to create amazing events? Share your thoughts below.

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