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Finding security in flexibility: Stacey’s journey with Virtual Gurus

Quick Facts


Executive Assistant

Hours provided to date

1991 hours

Top skills

Calendar management, scheduling, inbox management.

Meet Stacey

Stacey has over 15 years of experience working in the restaurant industry, alternating between serving and administrative roles. She’s also the proud business owner of OTB Plus, a fitness boot camp catering to non-traditional clients, such as people with disabilities and plus-size individuals. Over the last year of working with Virtual Gurus, she’s settled on good balance of six clients across various industries. The tasks she does are different across each client and give Stacey the variety in her day that she’s always wanted.


The Search:

Stacey no longer felt safe working at her local coffee shop after a startling rise in anti-Asian racism fueled during COVID-19 pandemic. She ultimately left her job and took time to focus on her family because the pandemic was significantly affecting their lives.

It was a challenging time for Stacey, but she continued looking for a better opportunity that would be a safer space to work. Despite her valuable transferable skills in customer service and time management, Stacey struggled to find a legitimate and flexible role that allowed her to prioritize her family’s needs. She wanted to work from home, but it wasn’t easy finding a flexible job that fit her needs.

Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, Stacey came across Virtual Gurus, and everything started to fall into place. Virtual Gurus offered her a legitimate opportunity with balance, plenty of opportunity, meaningful work that matched her values, and a safe and welcoming community.


The Experience:

Stacey was on a mission to find the perfect job that would give her the flexibility she craved while still allowing her to balance her life. It was important for her to find an inclusive workplace after the challenges she faced in her previous role. Equally high on her list was somewhere she could grow and feel aligned with values similar to her own.

Stacey’s not one to shy away from a challenge, and she was looking for a role that would provide her with varying projects and diverse clients to add some excitement to her day. She quickly discovered that Virtual Gurus was the perfect fit for her. They gave her the freedom she craved while still providing a range of clients that helped her grow and expand her experience.

“I set my own schedule, I set my own hours. I need to take off for an appointment, I don’t have to clear it with anybody, “ Stacey says. “I just make sure that my own schedule is cleared and I’ve done everything that I need to.”

Through her work with Virtual Gurus, Stacey has developed an impressive array of skills, from using design tools like Canva to managing finances with QuickBooks. The best part is that she’s been able to leverage these skills to provide more comprehensive support to her clients, who’ve come to rely on her as a trusted partner and a valuable asset to their teams.


The Impact

Stacey’s journey as a remote executive assistant has been an incredible experience of growth and discovery. As someone who loves to learn and is always looking for a challenge, she was thrilled to find Virtual Gurus, a company that could offer her the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients and to master new tools and platforms.

But what truly sets Virtual Gurus apart is the sense of community and support she found. Stacey has connected with other virtual assistants across North America, sharing knowledge, insights, and advice. She’s also had the opportunity to meet local virtual assistants in person and finds the social aspect of the Virtual Gurus community to be just as valuable as the professional one.

For Stacey, finding the right career balance was a top priority, and so was finding a safe and inclusive community. She found it all with Virtual Gurus, and now feels a sense of autonomy and flexibility that she never thought was possible. She loves helping her clients bring order to chaos and, and has carved out a new career path that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

To anyone considering a virtual assistant career, Stacey says “Just do it! Make your life easier, live from home, pick the clients you want to work with, and make your life better.”

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