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Client success stories

Software company brings on multiple virtual assistants after positive results

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In a tight labour market where it was challenging to find the right talent, EIO Solutions leveraged the Virtual Gurus platform to grow capacity, add bench strength, improve processes and fuel accelerated growth.

Client profile

EIO Solutions aims to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of small businesses by helping them better manage their greatest expense: employees. They do this through an online employee management platform and proactive insights from dedicated HR experts.

The opportunity

Once a bricks-and-mortar office-based organization, EIO Solutions decided to transition to a fully remote team. Around the same time, they were hiring for a new team member. They spent six months of searching the Greater Toronto Area for someone with the skills, background and personality required, with no success. The business was growing and they couldn’t wait any longer to hire someone so they decided to try something new. They reached out to Virtual Gurus to bring on a virtual assistant to fill the role.


  • Scale the business to meet market demand
  • Quickly find and onboard flexible team resources to support growth and business continuity

The solution

The Virtual Gurus team matched EIO Solutions with a VA who had right skills, enabling them to increase internal capacity quickly to support their growth.

EIO periodically adjusted their Virtual Gurus subscription as their needs changed, bringing on new VAs or changing their subscription level as needed. Virtual Gurus also provided training for new VAs to onboard quickly to accommodate urgent needs.

The Virtual Gurus flexible subscription-based model provided EIO with complete staffing flexibility to accommodate changing business needs. It gave the team peace of mind knowing they could continue to adapt quickly to handle whatever might come their way.

The impact

EIO’s original intention was to use Virtual Gurus as a short term solution while continuing their search for a full-time team member. However, their first VA got up to speed as an EIO Expert so quickly (within three weeks) that they decided to stop their search for a full-time team member. With the support of their VA, EIO was able to continue growing and seizing new opportunities.

Realizing how successful the VA model could be, EIO looked around the organization for other areas that could benefit from VA support. They decided to bring on another VA to add bench strength to their finance team.

An unexpected bonus of working with a remote team came when training VAs on their internal processes. They identified some areas where they could streamline processes with the support of their VAs, becoming more intentional about what they do and how they do it.

The biggest impact overall was achieving peace of mind that the EIO Solutions team could grow and scale, providing consistent superior client service without the ownership of resources.

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