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Success stories powered by the help
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Our team of Canadian and US-based Virtual Gurus work with companies from solopreneurs to startups to small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises – helping them work on their business while we take care of their back office administration needs. We’re proud to share case studies of how our team and clients work together to achieve great results for their businesses.

The Riipen team is able to get what they need when they need it, faster and more regularly, which allows them to accomplish more.


Riipen is a high growth startup whose demand has been growing exponentially.

When the team was smaller, their CEO was able to manage being involved in everything, however, as they grew, that was no longer possible.

They needed a solution that would allow their CEO to focus his time on higher value activities while knowing that all of the other tasks he had done were being taken care of.

If I could give advice to my old self, or any founder, it would be to bring on a virtual assistant way sooner, a hundred percent.

Dana Stephenson
Founder & CEO


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The biggest impact was achieving peace of mind that the EIO Solutions team can grow and scale, provide their clients with the desired outcome without the ownership of the resources.


EIO Solutions was looking for a way to quickly scale their business.

They relied on full-time, highly-skilled employees to deliver Employee Investment Optimization solutions related to HR and Employee Benefits but needed additional flexible resources to meet market demand.

They needed to find those resources, cross-train on various operational processes, and create an on-demand resourcing solution to support continued growth and business continuity.

It’s a fully flexible solution that gives us full control of our operational overhead, regardless of if we’re in an up or a downswing.

Christie Reid
Chief Strategy Officer


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