Succeed In Business With A Virtual Assistant

Did you know that a good virtual assistant can transform your business?

Imagine you own a business and you’re in the scaling stage. This is where you start to set the foundation of your core services or products. The only problem: you’re strapped for time. If you could only clone yourself, it wouldn’t be too bad, right?

The stages of growing your business are both exciting and a little scary at times. Having a virtual assistant can manage many of the tasks that take up your time and resources.

Your Experience with a Virtual Assistant

If you’ve never worked with a virtual assistant before you’re probably wondering: are they reliable? Can they help free more time for you? The answer is yes and yes. When you find the right VA, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find them sooner.

Virtual assistants have a variety of skill sets. If you need help in social media, copywriting, bookkeeping or real estate, you’ll be able to get specialized support. Picture for example that you want to run one business or a few businesses. Now imagine you’re focusing on online efforts as well as digital efforts. It’s pretty clear that without some assistance, you will reach a time where the world start spinning and you feel like you’re going crazy!

A virtual assistant can take over managing the details that are required to get your business to run smoothly and more organized.

The List – Everything That Wastes Your Time

Sit down with a list and evaluate the tasks that take up your time. You would be surprised to learn that you can outsource most of those tasks to a virtual assistant. For instance, do you spend most of your time calling people for meetings? Trying to figure out WordPress? Chasing follow-ups? Scheduling events? How about setting up an email campaign? All these tasks may seem small, but they really eat up your precious time. Sometimes it can even take you hours to get fully organized before you get your workflow going.

The things that take up your time are important, but you only have so many hours in a day to do them all. The time spent doing all the admin tasks could be time used to scale your business. In scaling your business, you allow yourself the potential of big growth.

So what’s the next step? It’s understandable that not all businesses are ready to hire someone full time, but there’s another way. Your secret recipe can all be found in hiring a virtual assistant. This weapon of choice will help you with projects that involve: creating content, scheduling, dealing with the digital world and other administrative duties.

Helping your VA Succeed

Like anything else, when we’re given the necessary tools to succeed, we flourish. Having an online executive assistant is essential to your strategic goals.  Once you decide to hire a VA, ensure you have the time to document what your needs are and set adequate time to train them in your business’s procedures. Adequate training also lets your virtual assistant know what to expect from your business as well as how they fit into it all.

Establish processes that are recurring and that way you can delegate these tasks easily and efficiently. Helping your assistant succeed is all about your own commitment and preparation towards your business. The onboarding process is also key to creating long-term relationships with your VA/VAs so feel free to get to know your virtual assistant as well as open the communication channels.

Some ways you can train your virtual assistant is via video meetings and fully documenting tasks so they know what each task entails. Imagine that you’re giving them a job manual – the easier you make it, the more quickly an assistant can grasp the task requirements.

Remember that when you delegate tasks, you can also document them. This process will help you get better at providing actionable and effective instructions.


In the end, you have the power to have a VA so take advantage of it to scale your business. There are numerous things you could be doing to prepare your business to thrive. Be ready to give clear instructions and watch your business soar to new levels.

Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant? Contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll review your business needs and recommend a flexible, affordable package for you!

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