How To Succeed In The Facebook Zero Universe

You may have noticed that your Facebook newsfeed looks different lately.

You’re probably seeing fewer business ads and more content from friends and family. Fewer news stories, videos, and business advertisements. You may not notice any of this but find your experience more positive.

If you’re a typical user, what you’re experiencing is the result of a shift in newsfeed data otherwise known as Facebook Zero.

The idea behind this change is making the user experience more positive by focusing on the things that matter to us such as our family and friends.

Here’s the scoop from the original face of the place Mark Zuckerberg:

This works out great for individual users, not so great for businesses. The new algorithm that determines rankings also makes competition to get into newsfeeds much more difficult.

If you’re a business that’s relied on Facebook newsfeeds for traffic, your world is forever changed. As if social media isn’t already a time suck, now it’s going to be harder to get those Facebookers piling stuff into your virtual shopping cart.

As you can see, I said it will be harder, but not impossible. If your stats are taking a dive, you’re feeling the squeeze of Facebook Zero. Let’s look at the ways to succeed in the new kinder, gentler version of Facebook.

Get Good at Advertising

Time to place some Facebook ads. The unofficial number of Facebook users is now at two billion, so there’s plenty of people on Facebook to target in paid advertising. Facebook ads aren’t free, but they are easy to construct and like everything on Facebook, there’s plenty of information about what to do to create successful ads. The most important thing to remember about ads is to understand your target audience and design an ad that will resonate with that audience.

Get Good at Storytelling

Transparent clickbait will get kicked out of newsfeeds if it doesn’t inspire conversations, and we all know those phony “Make $3000 in a month!” posts are not going to inspire anything except despair for humanity. You’ll have to start writing posts about your product or service with takeaways that start a dialog. This is where you want to use social media influencers to write about your brand.

Get Good at Going Live

Facebook Live is key to promoting your business while engaging customers. It’s also where most of us become extremely camera shy. Like storytelling, it’s important to rally your social media influencers, and get them on camera on a regular basis. You can address questions about your products or services, talk about changes and developments in your business, or provide a place for people interested in your company to form a community (car fanatics, tattoo lovers, cat people, etc.). Remember, video ads are going to be extremely limited with Facebook Zero, so forget using that tired 2-minute promotional spot from now on.

Get Good at Teaching

Promote your business by teaching your audience a skill related to your business. If you run a dog training business, make dog training videos where potential customers can see your methods. Life coach? Get on Facebook Live and talk about how life coaches operate. Offer brief coaching sessions. Not only will this win you new customers, but you’ll come across as way more authentic.

Get Good at Some Other Social Media

If you’re tanking on Facebook, try other platforms. Are you good with witty one-liners? Head over to Twitter. Do you sell cakes? Pinterest, please. Does your team enjoy taking photos? Off you go to Instagram. Even LinkedIn is a good place to promote your business. All of these platforms have their rules and limitations, but if you’ve been accustomed to a certain marketing strategy that isn’t working on Facebook, you can always modify what you’re doing and try it out on another platform.


As Facebook works to improve user experience, the challenge for marketers is how to adapt. One of the positive aspects of this change is the weeding out of so much of the bottom barrel advertising and click-baiting that was clogging the newsfeed. You’ll have to become smarter and more creative to get into a user feed, and that’s not a bad thing. Use the techniques above and good luck!

Are you a business that has changed marketing tactics because of Facebook Zero? Share your experiences below.

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