Social Media – Why Your Business Needs It

Ever wonder if your business needs social media? If you’re asking yourself that question, it means it’s time to seriously consider creating a profile on one of the various social media platforms. Even if your business is doing well by word of mouth or other advertising strategies, social media is now the key element to finding and connecting with customers.

Still want to know why social media is so valuable to businesses? Let’s look at some of the benefits:

1. Effective Exposure – faster and cheaper
Imagine the days where the only outlet you could advertise would be on television.  Now imagine the price tag that came with that! You don’t need to worry about the hefty price of TV rates or radio placements.  Traditional advertisements (TV and newspapers) have become less effective due to the excessive and over-the top way they are placed in our faces daily.  A lot of people are surfing the online world daily – those businesses that take advantage of social media channels will reap the benefits.

2. You never know who may be watching
The world is a vast place and you can reach everyone from your friends, locals and even celebrities.  Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it possible for your business to reach an audience easily.  You can target customers, reach out to influencers or even get a contact from someone you never thought would contact you!  The opportunities are endless.

Aim to have a strategy focused on building conversations and relationships.  Remember, people can always tell when you just want to sell to them. Aim to give them value.  You will not only get new clients, you will keep them too. With the right strategy, you will be able to have the attention of your current customers/clients and potential ones too.

3. Generate needs
When people get interested in your services or product, they will want to know more.  This is called a lead and you can get them using social media.  It is possible to generate leads by doing things like contests, shout-outs, testimonials and more.  The marketing campaigns are endless.

4. Immediate customer service
The ease of communication with your customers is a bonus when you engage in social media. Imagine a world where you can keep in touch with buyers of your product/service even after they have made their purchase.  When communicating with your customers, the key is to listen and respond.  It’s not a time to promote – you can step into this digital space to enhance the relationship. Timing really is everything. You can also build potential clients with your message.  Remember, anything you put online can also be used as word-of-mouth and help you get referrals.  You can also monitor what the public is saying about your business – it’s an opportunity to join in and talk with them. Show you care and that they matter.

5. Define your brand
You have the power to shape your image online by creating a brand message with images and words.  Lift yourself up by forming your own personality.  This is an opportunity to bring passion and to communicate what you want people to know about you and what you do.  When you are genuine, people will respond to that.  Look for that authentic spot and keep communicating it.

your business needs social media
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 6. Find solutions for your customers
Social media allows you to get almost instant feedback and to gain insight into what they want.  When you monitor the way customers view your product, you can produce more effective ways to capture the market and what changes you need to make.  You have instant research tools with social media.  Plus, when you address your products/services publicly, your company gains a credibility stamp in current consumers and potentials.

7. Social Media is good for your marketing budget
The great thing about social media is how inexpensive it is.  You can market to a great extent and reach your potential customers in a cost-effective way.  You can research the channels that your current niche would prefer then you can focus on these channels to build a message.  It’s amazing that even a small company can exist in the same space that was usually occupied by massive, sizable budget business.  You really do have an equal playing field when it comes to testing your campaigns and budget.


No matter what you think of social media, chances are your customers expect you to be on a platform in order for them to connect with you. Start by defining your brand, researching different platforms and considering how you will best serve your target audience.

It takes time and perseverance to develop a successful online presence. But the good news is, social media has built-in benefits to generate interest in your business and build a customer base.


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