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We provide a full range of Contact Centre solutions to organizations of all sizes.


From a basic answering service to a multi-function Contact Centre, our 100% Canadian-based team will create an in-depth understanding of your business to ultimately develop a solution that delivers exactly what you have asked for.


Our ITIL framework allows us to generate a result that will provide your users, or customers, with technical support that guarantees questions, queries, and incidents are handled the right way. We promise that your customers will get what they want: help. On the first call. Every time.


Our Advisory Services team works with you to identify your requirements, deliver a clear set of deliverables, and then aligns with you to not only ensure you get what you need, but that you get materials, roadmaps, and documentation that you can actually use..

Why Choose Us?

Knowledge Management

The Virtual Gurus utilizes an online Knowledge Base which allows both our management as well as our clients to access and view the Knowledge Base in real-time. Developed to ensure that our call center agents have immediate access to newly released information, the Knowledge Base system automatically displays the appropriate information to the Call Center agent to allow them to properly handle calls.

Client Portal

Our custom-developed Client Portal allows clients to access recorded calls, monthly reports, customized surveys, and more information in one central location. Used to ensure the accuracy of information and quick access to Quality Assurance elements, the Portal has the following feature. Direct, password protected access to: Custom Survey Results, Custom Reports, SCORcard Reports, Call Recordings, Call Quality Reviews, and Account Management & Issue Reporting.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance processes are included in all of our Contact Centre solutions. Clients have access, via the Client Portal, to the results of all QA activities. 100% of calls received are recorded and retained for 90 days. Internal processes ensure that there are Team Lead and Peer review of interactions (calls, emails, and web chats), and there is an evaluation process which consists of an evaluation of Interaction Quality and a review of any associated documentation.



Solution suited for clients who want a straightforward service which ensures that any call  / email /  web chat  to their business will be answered by a live voice.


A step up from basic Answering Service, this solution provides the customer’s callers with a more robust experience. Agents will be trained on the customer’s business and will be able to provide information to callers with the aim of resolving their requests on the first contact.


For clients requiring a more complex level of support for their customers than is available through a general Customer Service Contact Centre, a Product and Service Support solution is suitable.


Where clients require a technical IT skillset, the Technical Support solution provides the client’s users and/or customers with resources capable of performing technical support, resolution, and incident management functions.

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The promise is simple and straightforward. Your customers are important, and the experience that they have when interacting with you is critical.

At Virtual Gurus, our expertise is for you.

We have been providing Contact Centre, Helpdesk, Answering Service, and Advisory Services consulting solutions to our clients since 2016. We now work with all kinds of clients: small businesses who need an emergency after hours contact number, through to Fortune 500 enterprises who demand high touch, high volume, multi-channel Contact Centre solutions.

Thank you for considering Virtual Gurus for your Contact Centre needs. We are dedicated to developing a solution that you can be confident is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any business will benefit from customer facing services! A friendly, helpful receptionist is a good way to show customers that your business is service oriented. Customers enjoy the opportunity to have immediate and friendly interactions with a live person whether it’s for quick messages, appointments or other queries. Our agents are trained to act as stewards of your brand and they make a great first impression for potential customers. The first step is to consult with us and see for yourself how we can be an asset to your business!

Our agents serve as the voices of the companies they support. That’s why we hire only the most experienced professionals to work with our clients. We offer call monitoring so you can hear agent and customer conversations to ensure we are providing accurate and courteous service to your customers.

Our virtual call center agents are only effective when they can communicate clearly to your customers. That’s why we are proud to be a Canadian based company. Besides supporting our local workforce, we strongly believe in the benefit of having real, live people to manage client phone systems. From the initial interaction, you can be sure your customers are speaking to a highly skilled and courteous agent that won’t end the call until all your customer’s questions and requests have been answered.

This doesn’t happen often, because of the thorough training we provide our agents to accommodate your customers. However, if an agent cannot answer a customer’s question, they’ll reach out to your team and follow up with the customer through email. Our agents are trained to never leave customers with unanswered questions. We may not resolve the issue in the initial chat, but we’ll always follow up!