Self-Care Tips for Virtual Assistants

Self Care Tips Virtual Assistant

Oh, yes. We are definitely in the middle of winter now. You can feel that icy chill right down to your bones, can’t you? During the winter so many of us see drastic changes in our mood and energy levels. There is no better time than now to focus on your health and well-being. And, we’re here to help by sharing our favourite self-care tips for Virtual Assistants.

Exercise Often

Dragging yourself to the gym or to a workout class will probably be the last thing you want to do on a gloomy, sunless day or during a snowfall. Believe me, we know. We’ve been there, too. But, we all know the benefits of exercise and the wonders it does for our brains and mental health, right? So, let’s not ignore what we know is good for us and keep our bodies and minds healthy and active – even in the dead of winter. Find creative ways to incorporate daily exercise into your life. Get into the habit of getting up every hour and walking around the house, use a standing desk, get on YouTube and follow an at-home yoga class. Whatever you choose to do, do it every day and stick to it. Your body and mind will thank you.

Take Breaks to Eat + Enjoy Your Meals

It can be so easy for us Virtual Assistants to get stuck at our desks for multiple hours on end, without giving ourselves a break. When we lack that traditional office structure, we can lose track of time or simply don’t allow ourselves the time to take breaks. Give yourself a ten or fifteen minute break every few hours. When it’s lunch time, allow yourself 30 minutes or better yet, an hour, to eat a proper, fuel-filled meal and actually enjoy it. If you bring your meal to your desk, you’re not allowing yourself to focus fully on either your food or your work.

Set Clear Boundaries Between Home and Work

As Virtual Assistants, we are so often SO “plugged-in” that it can be difficult to “unplug” ourselves. Set clear boundaries for times that you are on the clock and working and times that you aren’t. Whether it be setting a set time of availability or choosing the amount of hours you put into your work day, make sure to actually follow this work schedule that you create for yourself. If you have finished your work day, communicate this to your clients and turn off the notifications on your phone for the rest of your evening. You are only human and need to give yourself time to recharge.


Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Reminding ourselves to sleep. This also is why the need to set clear boundaries between work and home is SO important. We Virtual Assistants can often find ourselves thinking about deadlines, projects, or tasks of clients into the wee hours of the night. When you’ve clocked out for the day, the work day is done. Get into the habit of reminding yourself of this. Set up your evening to be relaxing and as tech-free as possible so that your body knows it’s time for sleep soon. Having a good night’s sleep is instrumental for keeping our brains fresh for the next work day.

Self-care is so important for Virtual Assistants. Burnout, especially during the winter, can have such an impact on our mental health and well-being. It is absolutely critical to follow a routine of self-care to keep yourself happy and productive while you work.

How do you exercise self-care as a Virtual Assistant? We would love to hear your self-care tips!

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