10 Productivity Apps for 2021

Beyond hiring a virtual assistant, are you looking for additional ways to boost your productivity? You are at the right place! Productivity apps and tools can do many things, from easing your reporting process to keeping collaboration fluid and telling you when you are running late. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach but having the right set of tools and apps in your arsenal will be a major part of setting you up to supercharge your productivity.  

With these ten productivity apps and tools, you can improve your workflow and your life.



Todoist will work on all your devices. It tracks your productivity and helps you to organize and analyze your life. With Todoist you can easily create nested lists of projects to organize all aspects of your life. Plus, Todoist makes adding tasks quick and simple; it only takes a few clicks. The app also has excellent natural language processing, which lets you quickly assign due dates to tasks. For instance, you can type “Take out the trash every Friday,” and Todoist will automatically create a task called “Take out the trash” that repeats each Friday. There’s a free version, which works very well, and a Premium-level which may be the way to go. 



When it comes to online communication, there is no app that competes with Slack, in our opinion. It works easily across devices and integrates with most productivity apps. You can organize conversations using channels, as well as send private direct messages to anyone on your team. Slack allows users to instantly get a notification when they have a message. You can share files and create various channels. There’s not much more you need in an online communication app. It’s free for small groups but larger companies will need to purchase a plan.



The internet keeps growing, algorithms are getting smarter and we simply have no chance of keeping up with the expansion. We tend to compile bookmarks that remain forgotten, notes to self that get ignored, and copious emails we send ourselves and never actually open. Pocket is an app that was made to combat this challenge. The app is a storage space for all those blogs, videos, and podcasts you would like to experience later. The plus with this app is that you will now know where you’ve saved something – you neither have to read it right now (and ignore the flashing red button on your desk phone), nor completely forgo the experience of consuming it. You can create your own space with everything that you want to learn. 



Is scheduling meetings take up more time than you can afford? Well, you can have a personal secretary in the form of Calendly. The app integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook and other tools to connect with up to six calendars. Calendly automatically checks availability and helps you schedule all types of meetings. It takes into account time zones, your colleagues’ schedules and the need for buffer time between meetings. With Calendly you can schedule all types of meetings—one-on-one talks, round robin discussions, collective meetings or group events such as webinars, training and more. Calendly removes the need to follow up with people or communicate sudden schedule changes.



Evernote has been around for a while and it’s still an all time favourite. You can keep your notes organized using digital “notebooks,” and you can further group these notebooks into stacks.  It serves as not only a note maker type product, but it also tracks your time and allows you to collect anything and everything you find online, which is great for research projects.  In addition to text notes, it lets you create notes with images, PDFs, and even audio recordings. This program auto syncs all your devices to ensure you don’t lose any important work. Evernote allows you to work on multiple projects at once in different notebooks and is a great way to collaborate on projects with other people. The best part is, it’s free!

Otter Voice Notes


Otter is a smart note taking and collaboration app that entrepreneurs, students and journalists can use to get more value from meetings, calls, video conferences, interviews, lectures and other important conversations and information. Not only does it take notes, it also transcribes them for you, which is a game changer for people who don’t like to transcribe large files or need it done fast. While there are premium options, Otter transcribes up to 600 hours of work for free each month and offers unlimited storage of the uploads and syncs across all devices.



TeamWork is an easy-to-use project management software that helps with managing multiple projects. WIth TeamWork you are able to create tasks and projects, upload files and add comments in one central location.You can use it to manage everything from ideas to articles and video production. You can customize your workflow and add advanced features or complex projects. The dashboard feature is great for helping you to see the progress on each project and helps to keep you and your team accountable. A great benefit of TeamWork is that you may be able to integrate other tools that you are using such as Slack, Google Drive and Quickbooks, among others.



Notion will help you curate all of your notes, reminders, lists, and other scribbles previously written on the post-its stuck to your monitor. With Notion you can create general categories for your notes and add subcategories to them. The real value though is in the way these notes look- you’ll have plenty of white space, minimally formatted text, and the ability to add in anything from images, videos, links, spreadsheets, and over 30 other media types.

If you are working with a team – no worries, you can also cross-reference your notes and share them with others. You can also sync the app across multiple devices and stay on top of all your worlds from a single dashboard.



Any social media manager or entrepreneur handling their own social media knows what a time sucker it can be. Enter Hootsuite and take the guesswork out of strategizing for social media. Hootsuite allows users to update multiple social media accounts without signing into each one. In fact, you can pretty much control everything – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – all from this pretty easy-to-use app. The best part of this program is the scheduling feature, so you can just set your scheduled posts and let the program do the work. This is a huge time saver because you don’t have to shift gears to post at inconvenient times. Plans start at $49 a month but there is a 30-day free trial to see if this is the right program for you.



Nobody has scanners and fax machines anymore. That’s okay when you have apps like CamScanner – and there are some other great ones out there that also do the same thing. It’s a digital world and there’s nothing better than being able to scan a document with your phone and email the documents within seconds. This app features a free download though there are also premium options available.


With these 10 productivity apps you can live your best life: at home, at work, anywhere you choose to use them.

Article written by Shawna-Kay Thomas