Password Managers – What They Are & Why You Should Be Using Them

Today, we’re tackling the controversial subject of password managers.

Try bringing up the subject in a conversation with someone. Just do it. You’re going to get a different answer every time, and they will fall all over the board. Some people have never heard of them (very few), some people are scared of them (a few more), and surprisingly (most) people have become extremely dependent on password managers.

“Password managers are not a magic pill,” Lujo Bauer, a security researcher and associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, says, “but for most users they’ll offer a much better combination of security and convenience than they have without them. Everyone should be using one.”

password managers

So what exactly IS a password manager?

According to Consumer Reports,“The vast majority of us either use weak passwords or reuse passwords on multiple accounts. This makes us more susceptible to crimes such as identity theft.

A password manager will generate, retrieve, and keep track of super-long, crazy-random passwords across countless accounts for you, while also protecting all your vital online info—not only passwords but PINs, credit-card numbers and their three-digit CVV codes, answers to security questions, and more—with encryption so strong that it might take a hacker between decades and forever to crack.”

password managers

How do you use a password manager?

This is the easiest question to answer. You use one password to access the manager you are using. Read that sentence again, and let it sink in. Once you start using a pw manager, you will only have to ever remember ONE password again!

The process is easy:

  1. Select the password manager you want to use (I’ll help you with that in just a little bit)
  2. Download and install the software, including an extension for your browser
  3. Install the app for your phone (optional)
  4. Sign up
  5. Log in
  6. Input your usernames/passwords

From this point forward you will only ever have to remember one password. I must give you a word of caution though. DON’T forget this one password. Once you’ve setup your account, it’s not recoverable. This is for your security.

I’m sure you can now see why this is such a controversial subject. Do you really want your passwords floating around in space? Well, the short answer is, there is always an alternative solution to everything. This is no exception. I won’t be able to get into the gory details in this post, but you can pay $ to keep your passwords offline. You know the saying “Money talks”? Yeah, this proves it again.

password managers


Some of the benefits of using a pw manager:

  • Secured passwords
  • Passwords are located in one place
  • Can share link with someone without sharing password
  • Only have to remember one password
  • Login to accounts with one click
  • Use the same password manager across many devices
  • Bonus: can store more than just passwords. Ex: security questions, medical prescriptions, memberships, etc.

Here are some password managers, both free and paid. My personal favorite is LastPass , but that is solely my personal opinion. Click on the links below to see more information on each manager, and to help you figure out which one would work best for you.

Learn More

Whether you are a Virtual Assistant, or a Business Owner/Manager, having a Password Manager can be a huge time saver for you. Remember that money thing we were talking about? Here is a huge time/money saving tip… Get a Password Manager. In fact, ask your Virtual Guru to help you set it up. That’s what we’re here for. And if don’t have a Virtual Assistant yet, well, this is just one of the many ways our Virtual Gurus can help you save time and money.

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