Unlimited rollover hours for your first 3 months!*

Enjoy complete flexibility this season

This season we’re excited to offer unlimited rollover benefits. Sign up by Dec 31, and the hours purchased in the first 3 months of your subscription will never expire, as long as you’re a Virtual Gurus client!  

To put it another way, your first three months of hours can be “rolled over” (carried forward) to use in a future month, if you don’t use them all within the month of purchase.

Along with taking the hassle out of finding skilled talent and cost-effective packages, we’re offering you even more flexibility than usual, to help you get up and running with your new VA(s). And with packages starting at just $350/month, now is the perfect time to get the support you need. Let us help you navigate that year-end chaos with ease, so you can end 2022 on a productive high. 

Get started today.‍

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Dec 31, 2022
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  • For new Virtual Gurus clients who sign up between Nov 21 and Dec 31, 2022:
  • Hours purchased in the first three months of your subscription can be rolled over if not used in the month of purchase.
  • If your regular VA(s) don't have capacity when you decide to use your rollover hours, we’ll help you maximize your subscription by either:  1) working with you and your VA on a plan to use the hours in the following months, OR 2) connecting you with other assistants from our diverse pool of over 600 VAs with various skill sets.
  • If you cancel your subscription before using your rollover hours, we unfortunately cannot refund unused hours.