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Virtual Gurus and Amii partner on machine learning initiative

Graphic showing that Virtual Gurus and Amii partner on machine learning initiative.

VG Staff

August 10, 2022

Calgary, AB -Virtual Gurus,  a talent-as-a-service company that connects businesses with fractional, remote administrative assistants, has announced a one-year partnership with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) to integrate machine learning (ML) into their talent-matching technology. The project seeks to enhance Virtual Gurus’ already-existing platform, leading to faster, more accurate matching of assistants to the needs of the company’s clients.

Virtual Gurus uses a proprietary technology platform called Talentplace that matches their clients with virtual assistants (VA). Matches are created based on client and VA factors, including skills, industry experience, availability, location and work style.

“Over the past two and a half years, our team has been on a path from tech-enabled to tech first–where technology underpins the entirety of our operations. With the advances we’ve made on our tech platform we knew it was time to introduce machine learning into our efforts,” said Margaret Glover-Campbell, Virtual Gurus’ COO. “The Amii and Virtual Gurus teams worked together on a project validation and I’m excited to continue working with them to improve our scalability through technology and machine learning.”

The partnership with Amii, an Alberta-based non-profit institute and one of Canada’s three centres of artificial intelligence (AI) excellence, will investigate how ML can be used in talent matching. By using ML to help power Virtual Gurus’ recommendation process, the company aims to further reduce the manual effort needed to match virtual assistants to the right projects. The result: a more efficient process that allows Virtual Gurus to handle more inquiries while maintaining the best connections between virtual assistants and businesses.

“The Advanced Tech team is thrilled to work with Virtual Gurus to apply the latest advancements in AI and ML to their matching system,” says Mara Cairo, Amii’s Product Owner, Advanced Technology. “Engagements like this allow us to take ML out of academia and demonstrate the technology’s value when applied to industry problems. It’s always exciting when we can work with an Alberta company and help them compete on the world stage. Through this partnership, we can employ local talent and help to keep world-class AI/ML scientists here in our province.”

Virtual Gurus recently closed a CAD 8.4 million Series A funding round, following the company’s official expansion into the United States in 2021. The partnership with Amii will allow Virtual Gurus to continue expanding its client base as a vibrant member of Alberta’s tech ecosystem.

“With the expertise and experience of Amii’s staff scientists and world-renowned academic researchers to help guide us, we’ll be taking a giant leap forward in our application of machine learning,” says Rob Shaw, VP of Technology and Development virtual Gurus.

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About Amii

One of Canada’s leading AI institutes, Amii drives advanced research in machine intelligence at the University of Alberta and other academic institutions and leverages scientific expertise to advance state-of-the-art industry research, enable businesses to build their internal machine learning capabilities and grow Alberta’s AI workforce. Visit for more information, or view our Fact Sheet.

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