Getting to Know Margaret Glover-Campbell: Virtual Gurus’ New Chief Operating Officer


We are thrilled to welcome Margaret Glover-Campbell as Chief Operating Office of the Virtual Gurus team! Margaret joined the Virtual Gurus family last month. In addition to her COO role with Virtual Gurus, Margaret is board chair of Chic Geek, a non-profit organization empowering women to succeed in the tech sector. 

Margaret’s career began in advertising and design, building campaigns and brands for my clients. She was drawn to her tech clients, specifically tech startups, who were defining and building new industries. She eventually made the move client-side to be more hands-on in the building.

Since then, Margaret has worked primarily in startup and scale-up environments, always being drawn back to the excitement of starting something new, creating and building products and industries that are on the brink of breaking into modern lives.

What are you most excited about in your new role as Virtual Gurus’ COO?

A few things, actually. I love startup life – figuring out processes, talking to customers to discover what will help them most, creating and growing the brand. The Virtual Gurus team is pretty awesome. I’m excited about working with Bobbie – she’s passionate about what she’s building from a tech perspective, but she also has her eye on the social mission. Doing good while building a business feels really good.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

When I’m not working, I can be found volunteering with Chic Geek (a local non-profit organization that empowers tech-enabled women to succeed in industry), or with my son’s community hockey association. I enjoy taking in the local music scene, discovering food and wine and travelling to amazing places.

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