Using Story Highlights to get the most out of Instagram

Social media platforms have so many different uses, tools and hidden tricks that can boost your engagement and sales. One of the easiest ways to do get the most out of your Instagram business account is by using highlights. You do this by highlighting the stories you share with your audience that can offer them information in the future.

Highlights are those little circles you see at the bottom of someone’s profile, often with an icon to indicate what information you can find when you click on it.

The first step to creating great highlights for your audience is to develop a strategy that works for your business.

Here are some items you will want to consider including:

  1. F.A.Q
  2. Services
  3. Prices
  4. Testimonials
  5. Products

If there is any unique part of your business that should be showcased to your audience, you should include that as well.


  1. Recipes for a fitness coach
  2. Mini trainings for a business coach
  3. Behind the scenes for a creative business

After you have determined what type of information you would like to share with your audience, it’s time to get creative and to create your highlight covers.

A lot of people choose icons that represent what they are going to place in the highlight. For example, for pricing you may chose a dollar sign. Others choose to use their logo, or a series of solid colours that represent their brand.

Be creative – you can use anything you would like if it fits with your brand and conveys the right message to your audience.

Once you have determined what style you’d like to use, you need to decide if you are going to make them on your own or purchase them.

Tools to help you make highlight covers:

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Photoshop

Places to purchase highlight covers (just do a quick google search):

  1. Esty
  2. Independent Sellers
  3. Influencers

After you have your highlight covers ready to go, it’s time to develop the content that goes behind them.

If you have archives set up on Instagram for your stories, you can go through your old stories and add them to highlights if they fit your strategy.

The content that goes in the highlights can be anything from videos, photos, or graphic images that you have created.

I recommend that you use one of the options above to create graphic images. You can even purchase branded template kits to help keep everything cohesive.

As you create the content for your highlights, remember that this is a place where your audience will click to get the information that they want to know right way.

Think of it like a website; the most important information should be highlight upfront and it should be accessible.

It’s important to remember that your strategy, branding and business will always make shifts as you grow. When this happens, you can adjust your highlights to suit your new shift. This can include new products, a new launch, rebranding etc.

You can add new highlights and covers whenever you need to keep your content fresh.

Your audience will move off your page in less than 10 seconds if they are not engaged, so it’s important to make everything visually appealing, accessible and on brand.

And lastly, have fun with it!


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