How To Use Instagram Videos For Business

Each social media platform has unique qualities that you can use to promote your business. For Instagram, it’s the platform to utilize visual images such as photography or graphics. Now Instagram also has video which makes it even more diverse.

Video is an extremely lucrative tool for promoting your business. Why? It’s simple – consider a potential customer. Would they rather read a wall of text on a website or watch a video that combines audio, visuals, and graphics. It’s why most people haven’t read a book in ages but can tell you all about their latest Netflix binge. Images and video are easier to interpret.

Statistics from this WYSOWL study report the continued success of video marketing:

Instagram is the platform to benefit from the popularity of video. If you’re considering using video to promote your business, here are some ideas to inspire you to get started.

Show, Don’t Tell

When you start brainstorming ideas for your video, don’t emphasize audio. Potential customers access Instagram via their cell, so chances are their audio isn’t that great or the volume is low. The best Instagram videos tell their stories through images and text. I love the message of inclusion in this Burger King video. The King, who has never spoken in commercials before, speaks in this commercial using ASL. This video sums up how you don’t need audio to tell a compelling story and does a great job of promoting their Whopper sandwich.

Define Your Brand…In Pictures

Tasty’s videos redefine what a cooking video looks like. They’ve created a unique style that is immediately recognizable once you start watching. A pair of hands quickly stirs, cuts, rolls and arranges various ingredients, graphics with prompts and ingredients flash on the screen and step by step something delicious starts to come together before our eyes. There’s a whimsical quality to the videos that makes cooking look easy and fun. Tasty chooses colorful, festive dishes that keep the viewer interested. I dare you to look away from some of their dessert videos!

Lower carb pizza?!? It's a dream come true 🙌

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Keep It Simple

Before you start filming, think about how you would present your brand to customers in 60 seconds. What are the most important things you’d want a customer to know? What are the main elements of your business that are most important to show to potential customers?

This Lululemon video is an example of a simple idea. Show the clothes. Lululemon is known for their stylish leggings, so the video focuses on a product from their new collection. That’s all they need to show in the video, because Lululemon’s brand is their clothing.

The big reveal—a favourite style with a new, intricate pattern.

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Embrace The Format

You may have videos on your website or YouTube, but it’s better to start from scratch on Instagram. Remember, you only have 60 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention, promote your brand or product and add graphics with a call to action. A typical company video made for your website won’t fit this format and probably won’t have the strong imagery to capture an audience. There’s no rhyme or reason to the Burberry ad below. A text description blathering about “friends” seems totally random. But from the first moment you see Millenials frolicking in plaid… boom! It’s Burberry. Remember when Burberry was that boring company that made raincoats for old men? No, because their hipster branding has worked!

Solve A Problem

What does your business do to make life easier for your customers? How can customers use your products to get more done or be more productive? These are questions to ask and then use video to create a solution.

This commercial from Lowe’s targets the common problem of big dogs and their love of garbage cans. Anybody with a big dog can relate to this, right? Dog tips over the garbage can, the kitchen is trashed…literally. But Lowe’s uses the video to present an easy DIY solution. In just a few whizzes of a drill, some tool brackets and a frame… your dog’s evil plans are foiled for good! It’s a charming commercial and makes DIY home projects look easy.


Instagram videos can inspire your creativity and develop new ideas for promoting your business, your products, and your brand.  73% of customers are likely to buy products after seeing them on video, so a well crafted, vibrant Instagram video can bring in new customers and sales.

If you can tell a story with images, create compelling visuals and solve problems for your viewers, you have the tools to craft an Instagram video. Killer videos on Instagram can increase your visibility and give you an edge on social media, something all businesses need these days!

Have you created Instagram videos for business? What tips and tricks have you learned? Share your ideas with us.


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