How to Make Your Home Office Space Your Happy Place

As a Virtual Assistant or in any job that allows you to work from home, having a home office space that is your happy place will inspire you to work more productively and efficiently, and set you up for success.

Follow these simple ideas to make your home office space your happy place and get ready to get a whole lot more excited to get work done.

Keep It Single-Purpose

Your home office should be a dedicated and separate space for you to go to to get work done. It should be single-purpose and not confused with other areas of your home. Now, this can mean different things for different people. With many of us living in tiny condos, being constantly bombarded by hyperactive children, or sharing common living areas with roomies, it can be difficult to find a space to claim as our own strictly for work, right?

Get creative and inventive with ways to distinguish your office. Partition your space with curtains, room dividers, or even furniture. Yes, even having a desk act as a wall (while still being used as a work table) can create the illusion of a separate space. If you can’t avoid sharing the room with others, invest in some comfortable, top-notch quality, noise-cancelling headphones. Especially for all of you work-from-home parents, this can be a total life (and headache) saver.

Decorate With Things That You Love

We all have something that we love, whether it be a hobby, something that brings us joy, or just something we think is aesthetically pleasing. Whatever it may be, find a way to incorporate it into your workspace. If you’ve got a green thumb, surround yourself with plants to add some beautiful greenery to your space. Are you a bit of a collector? Showcase your collection in your office space. Do you like vibrancy and colour? Paint those walls and create an energizing space. This is your space. Have fun with it and make it completely your own.

Eliminate Clutter

Do not use a storage room as your home office! Clutter can be incredibly distracting and uninspiring for your work. Keep your space simple and have only what you would have “at work” at work (save for those decorative pieces that you love). Invest in some good storage pieces to help you keep organized and hide unwanted or distracting items.

Have One Thing On Display That Motivates And Inspires You

What motivates and inspires you to work? Is it your family? Is it saving up for a trip? Putting money aside for a downpayment? Do you aspire to be like your favourite role model or mentor? Think about it for a minute. It doesn’t need to be overly-complicated or deeply psychoanalytical. Can you somehow express or symbolize this motivation and inspiration with a tangible item?

A traditional office space might have lots of visual representations or objects on display that keep us motivated and inspired subconsciously. Certificates of coworkers’ accomplishments and achievements, company mission statements and values, employee awards, boards showing sales figures and company quotas, the list goes on. Is there a way you can use symbolism within your home office space that speaks directly to you and your motivations and goals? Pictures of your family, a scratch map reminding you of your future travel plans, an inspirational quote from your role model. Put it on display and see if it sparks some inspiration for your work.

Set Yourself Up for Success With the Right Equipment and Supplies 

A good office space should be equipped with the right equipment, tech, software, and supplies to keep you stress-free and working efficiently and productively. Consider what you would need to fulfill your duties in a traditional office setting. What supplies would you be looking to grab? What equipment, tech, and software would you need to do your work?

If it’s your first time working from home and are unsure of what you will need, test it out for a week or two first. Don’t overbuy supplies, equipment and tech, and sign-up for software subscriptions you might only use once or twice. Luckily, a lot of software programs such as Adobe, Canva, and Microsoft allow free trials varying from one week to a month. Try these out first before you buy to see how often you will actually use them. As a Virtual Assistant, consider the types of clients you are working with and what you will need to complete work for them. Generally, Virtual Assistants require at a minimum the very basic software programs, like Microsoft Office.

Perks to Perk You Up at Work

This one might seem like a silly one to some of you, but it’s worth putting out there as it is a simple, easily-implemented idea. Think of a type of “perk” you would love to have at your dream office. Then, implement this perk in your own home office space. Always wanted unlimited snacks on the job (who doesn’t)? Go to your local bulk food store and get yourself a stockpile to keep handy in your office. If anything at all, this will keep you from making needless trips to your kitchen and focused on your work. Reward and treat yourself when you achieve milestones in your work. Buy yourself something nice when you finish a lengthy project. Casual Fridays? Even if no one else can see it, make this a routine for yourself. Hey, whatever makes you happy. 

Let’s face it. Working from home can be mundane and uninspiring in a lot of cases. So, how about creating a home office space that makes you feel energized, sparks your creativity, and boosts your productivity. Make a home office space that makes you genuinely happy – your happy place, the moment you walk into the room.

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