Happy Bosses Day from your Virtual Assistants!


October 17th is National Boss Appreciation Day!

We at Virtual Canadian Gurus would like to take a few moments to thank the amazing bosses who make our days so much brighter and better.

As virtual assistants, most of us work for many clients.  Sometimes the people we work for live across the country and in most cases we’ve never met them in person.  It’s a unique relationship, but we are fortunate to be able to cross virtual paths with some amazing and inspiring people.

So what makes us love our bosses?  Here are some of the things our Virtual Assistants have to say:

“I have this client who is just hell-bent on changing the world for the better.  I love getting to work with people who have big vision, tons of creativity and amazing products and services. One of the best parts of working with a VA agency is that you get to participate in the growth of really amazing companies.”

“My Client/Boss helps me look at the world from his perspective, he travels and is always learning– which motivates me to always do my best to keep him happy. He is just such a great human being – that I always want him to be happy and get the best as he is always giving his best to the world.

“My boss has the craziest, busiest schedule I have ever seen.  Days start at 4:00am and go well into the evening.  He is unbelievably smart and tirelessly driven.  His ambition and drive are infectious.”

“My boss is successful, hardworking and smart.  But what impresses me most is his integrity and kindness.  It means a lot to work for somebody I respect so much.”

So thank you to our Virtual Bosses! You inspire us, challenge us and make our days better.  For that we are extremely grateful!

Want to be one of our bosses? Of course you do – book a free consultation and find out just how great it can be to work together.

And to the incredible leaders at Canadian Virtual Gurus — we want to express our appreciation and admiration for all that you do for us!

Thank you for giving us this amazing work-from-home opportunity.

Thank you for your patience and kindness when there is something we need to learn.

Thank you for having our backs when we run into issues we need help with.

Thank you for showing us that success and integrity go hand in hand.

Thank you for being our leaders, our mentors, our counsellors, our confidantes, our teachers and our friends.

And thank you for putting together this amazing Canadian Virtual Guru family that we are all so proud to be a part of.

Do you have a boss that has impacted you? We want to hear about it in the comments!


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