How To Grow Your Social Network Using A Virtual Assistant

Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (95%).

Social media works for business. For small business, it’s an essential tool to build a network, advertise services, engage with customers and promote a brand.

With all the offerings available for small businesses to utilize social media, many companies still struggle to maintain a consistent presence. Time and resources present constant challenges to small business and in the shell game of allocating resources, many companies overlook social media.

This is unfortunate because social media is easily accessible and automation can make the process even easier. Many small businesses either lack the proper understanding of how to use social media, or have incorrect ideas about what it takes to manage a successful business page.

The truth is, a business can be successful on one or two platforms, and posting consistently twice a week. It’s not always the number of social media sites or the amount of posts, but choosing the right type of social media platform and having knockout content.

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Source: Ambassador 

Below is a comprehensive list of tasks that can be delegated to a social media virtual assistant. Whether you’re on one social media site or many, an assistant can connect your business with customers and develop new business leads and relationships.

Social Media Management

  • Set up Social Media accounts
  • Manage and update SM accounts
  • Create descriptive profiles
  • Insert links to company website
  • Create Social Media strategy
  • Write posts for Social Networks
  • Edit Content
  • Perform a Social Media audit
  • Observe the company’s competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility and keyword optimization.
  • Look for a content marketing firm or publisher to post branded content.
  • Reach out to media outlets and influencers to garner profiles by publishers.
  • Research key hashtag conversations
  • Engage with audience
  • Participate in groups/forums
  • Respond to inquiries/comments
  • Run SM contest/challenge
  • Optimize pics for proper channel
  • Create and manage FB Groups
  • Interpret analytics for all platforms
  • Track mentions and hashtags
  • Design logos, ebook covers, headers, icons and other graphic elements

Hiring a social media virtual assistant is a good strategy for building a social media following. Virtual assistants that specialize in social media management can create a strategy for your business and recommend which platforms suit your products. Instagram is a great medium for visual advertising. Twitter is great for contests. Facebook is the go to site for building a community of followers.

Social media assistants also understand the type of content to promote on your social media platforms. They often have followers of their own as many are influencers, and they can direct their followers towards your products and services.

The most cost effective and time saving benefit of hiring a social media assistant is their ability to bundle and automate postings. This is where you can save by not hiring a full time assistant. A social media assistant will create a posting schedule and implement the use of an automation tool such as Hoot Suite. Your social media page will have regularly posted content while you’re paying part time wages. Remember, it’s not the number of sites you use to promote your business, it’s the strategy and content you choose.

There are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers.

Source: Facebook

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Devoting time and strategy to social media is critical for promoting your business, your products and your brand. A social media assistant can analyze what your business needs to focus on to build a following, streamline your strategy and provide consistent, original content.

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