Great Desk Items for the Virtual Office

When was the last time you took a look at your desk?

Stand up, step back, and take a good look. What do you see?

A cluster of papers, folders, books and other items? Walls covered with post-it notes, last year’s calendar and baby photos of your teenage kids?

More importantly, is this a workspace that works for you?

If you’re content with controlled chaos, like Einstein’s infamous desk (see below), then more power to you. However, virtual workers spend so much time seated at a desk that it’s worth it to have a work area we find tolerable.

virtual office desk item
Aww, hell no!

A comfortable work space, whatever that means to you, will inevitably make you more productive in the virtual world.

Whether your goal is to be more organized or wishing your desk wasn’t so boring, here are some tools to help you create a virtual office where you’ll want to go to every day.

virtual office desk item

1. Feng Shui Desk PDF

Get some internal harmony going with this free PDF download on Feng Shui desk placement. This traditional Chinese system of spatial arrangement can be used to bring increased concentration, creativity, and success by paying attention to the location of different items. If moving a coffee cup to the left means a possible raise, why not give it a try?





virtual office desk item

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

The sickly green pallor that affects office workers is not a sign of the zombie apocalypse, but the work of standard fluorescent lighting. Known for making everybody look unattractive, the only way around this is to counter those death rays with another light source. This salt lamp not only lights up with your surroundings with soft sienna tones, but it (supposedly) also improves air quality.




virtual office desk item

3. Botticelli Mouse Pad

Ah, the mouse pad. That throwaway piece of rubber mat, usually in a navy blue color, with the logo of some random company. Who better to hijack this overlooked piece of office real estate than one of the masters of Renaissance art, Botticelli. Now you can have the timeless and beautiful gaze of the goddess of love staring back at you all day long.





virtual office desk item

4. Decorative Thumb Tacks

It’s amazing how the most normal office supplies can become decorative pieces with just a bit of sparkle. These decorative thumbtacks decked out with small faux crystals with light up your cork board.



virtual office desk item

5.  Rose Gold Mason Jars

Some women can take a household item and turn it into an Etsy fortune. And then, there’s the rest of us. Grab a few of these gorgeous rose gold painted mason jars, add some flowers and boom! Instantaneous beauty. A great alternative to the dreaded air plant, because nothing beats fresh flowers.





virtual office desk item

6. Astrological Throw Blanket

Admit it – in the thermostat wars, colder temperatures almost always win. If you’re someone who needs to keep a sweater thrown over your chair at all times, then this blanket is for you. Whether or not you believe in astrology, the symbols and simple, elegant design of this throw makes it an excellent way to look chic and stay warm.





virtual office desk item

7. Tropical Keyboard Stickers

When was the last time you went to the beach? Or on vacation, for that matter?

If you yearn for the tropics, but your schedule has you firmly planted in Detroit, you can add a little bit of tropical paradise to your workspace with the help of these keyboard stickers. Pineapples, flamingos, and palm trees alternate with yellow and pink pastel stripes to create a bit of tropical paradise at your fingertips.



virtual office desk item

8. Joan of Arc Mug

Having a bad day at work? Feeling unloved, underappreciated, overworked? Sometimes looking to others is a great way to gather inspiration. Emblazoned on this coffee mug is none other than Joan of Arc, who, in her short nineteen years, led an army, conquered her enemies and died a martyr.  She also rocked a suit of armor and had mystical visions. Top that, Beyonce.



virtual office

9. Moon Child Calendar

Sometimes, seated at a desk, staring at a computer screen can make the world seem pretty small. It’s easy to forget your dreams when buried in the day to day grind. This quirky, inspirational moon calendar reminds us there’s a whole galaxy out there. All you have to go is go outside and look up!






virtual office desk item

10. Banner Day Post-It Notes

These pennant shaped, colorful post-it notes are a great way to create celebratory messages, or just decorate a work space with some color. Create geometric designs on your printer, or string together a message that reads, “You Rock!” and tape it to your desktop. Make your home office the place for celebrations.

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