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Mar 2023

Free Webinar: Unlocking your team’s productivity

Fireside chat event information with Margo from IDEO and Joanna, Brandi, and Crystal with the Virtual Gurus.

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March 15, 2023
10:00 am MT

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Join us for a fireside chat with Margo Canada, Senior Lead Community Coordinator at IDEO, to learn how her team leverages virtual assistants to optimize team efficiency and enable accelerated growth. You’ll get valuable insights on how to free up your staff’s time, boost productivity, and give leaders the bandwidth to focus on core business objectives, even in the midst of rapid organizational change.

Margo will be joined by IDEO’s lead virtual assistant as well as the Director of Enterprise and Client Success Manager from Virtual Gurus. Each panelist will share unique perspectives on how to fully leverage a virtual assistant team. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a powerful, flexible and cost-effective way to accelerate your team’s performance.


  • How IDEO leverages virtual assistants to free up core staff’s time and enable them to focus on strategic business objectives
  • Best practices for effectively integrating virtual assistants into your team and operations
  • The types of tasks and projects that can be delegated to virtual assistants, and how to prioritize them
  • Tips for managing and communicating with virtual assistants to ensure a smooth and successful working relationship
  • How virtual assistants can help businesses of all sizes scale and grow their operations while keeping costs manageable

This webinar will be packed with practical insights and actionable advice to help you unlock the full potential of virtual assistants and support ambitious growth goals.

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